3 Ways How to Record Your PC Screen


Everyone around is now interested in creating fancy content that will get a lot of likes, reposts, and views. Specialists are engaged in the creation of video materials to attract a huge amount of attention to their companies and the products they develop. Ordinary users also pursue the goal of creating useful and entertaining materials that will bring them fame or help other users understand certain topics.

Regardless of the goals that content creators pursue, they cannot do without quality equipment, as well as programs and applications that help make content great on a computer. Many users and professionals create visual materials on mobile devices, be it Android or iPhone, using the phone screen. Other users who wish to develop informative content capture their computer screen.

Such a clip, which you record using the screen of your device, can be on any topic that you wish. You can create step-by-step instructions for beginners using a new application or program, or showcase your product in all its glory.

You just have to choose the most convenient method of how to record your PC screen. Depending on whether you are using Windows or another operating system, you can use several methods, which we will discuss.

Simple options for how to record video on a computer

There are many options you can use to record what’s happening on your device’s display. Many users are aware of the existence of useful programs and applications that help with various tasks, in particular, which help to capture what is happening on the screen with high quality. In addition, there are built-in tools on computers that do not need to be downloaded and installed. This makes recording videos on any device a breeze.

Third-party software

If you want to record a video on PC, you can look for desktop tools that offer various features. They come in different varieties, both paid and free and can also have a basic set of tools or a professional set of features.

You should understand how often you will use the software and what features you would like to use. If you are going to create content from time to time, you should give preference to a free screen recorder from Movavi, which will not incur additional costs. Many free options offer a variety of features similar to professional software, so you can find exactly what you need. Among them, you can find a recorder for Windows 8 or Windows 10/11, as well as programs that you can use on the Mac operating system.

When creating videos for professional purposes regularly, you may want to choose paid software that will offer you a multi-user subscription for easy collaboration with colleagues. This is especially useful for marketing teams who are developing advertising visuals for brand awareness. You can use such software for other purposes, including recording Zoom meetings and using them for further training of company employees.

Online applications

Desktop software is suitable for those who create large-scale video projects or work in a team. However, specialists and ordinary users can consider using online applications that have recently become quite powerful.

You don’t have to choose a new laptop to install software that runs smoothly. You just need to use your browser and launch an online tool. You don’t need free space on your device as you don’t need to install anything. Among these tools, you will also find both paid and free applications that differ in the set of functions. With the help of such tools, you can be creative in any environment, whether it be professional or create video materials as a blogger.

Many of the tools offer the ability not only to record what is happening on the monitor but also to edit the footage. That way, once you’ve captured a clip, you’ll be able to work on polishing it to perfection. You don’t have to search for an additional editing program. You can keep busy creating YouTube intros for your company, how-to videos of products and services, training visuals for new hires, and more.

Default tools

The easiest option is to use the built-in tools. You may not know about them, but they are on your computer. If you have a device with Windows OS or macOS, you can use the following applications:

  • Xbox Game Bar (for Windows 10/11 users);
  • Snipping Tool (for Windows 11 users);
  • Screenshot Tool (for macOS users).

You can find these tools in the list of all applications on your device. The most important thing you need to do is update these programs to the latest version. Thus, all your programs will work correctly. This is one of the many PC maintenance tips you need to know about to keep your device running smoothly.

These apps don’t offer advanced features, but they should be enough for making simple video materials. You can select the audio source, capture area, storage folder, and some other functions. By learning keyboard shortcuts, you will learn how to turn recording on and off much faster.

There are similar applications on mobile devices, which many may not know about. If you’ve ever wanted to make TikTok screen recordings, then you should look into what default apps your smartphone offers.


Regardless of the purpose for which you want to screen record the activity on your monitor, you have three great options. The easiest way is to use pre-installed applications. If they do not have enough power or features, then you can either find software or use online applications. These tools will help you create content that is both useful and entertaining to your customers or other users.


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