5 Ps of Marketing & Importance of Marketing in Sales


The root meaning of the word sales is to close a contract or generate a profit from a sale. Profits can keep your business running, buy new inventory, make investments, and pay your employees. Not only businesses that sell goods, but also structures that make money by providing services such as lawyers, doctors, moving centers, insurance companies, hairdressers, or bank employees are ultimately related to sales. 5 Ps of Marketing are known as the tools also called marketing mix.

These 5 different variables decide your value in the business and lead to great sales performances.

Here are the 5 Ps of the Marketing


  • Working Attitude
  • Representation
  • Grooming
  • Communication skills
  • Assessment towards situation


  • Customer Coverage
  • Location
  • Access to Warehouse
  • Right Market for the Product
  • Public Transportation


  • Good Quality
  • Availablity at the right time
  • Appealing Packaging
  • Warranty


  • Compatible Prices
  • Discounts
  • Availability on Credit Terms
  • Card Facility


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Involvement
  • Outdoor Marketing (Billboards)
  • Print Media Marketing (News Paper/ Magazines)

5 Ps of Marketing

In this way, in any business, sales are the departments that ultimately generate revenue. Great manufacturing processes, cutting-edge technology, clear goals, or forward-thinking management skills are all useless without a sales mechanism.

But, if all of this is true, then why do so many business owners and entrepreneurs say product marketing is as important as, or even more than, selling the actual product? The reason is very simple! Because both advertising and marketing influence sales results. Advertisement and marketing serve to expose and promote a brand, and are directly linked to sales results, so the two cannot help but go together.

Although the line between the marketing process and the sales result is sometimes blurred, sales are ultimately about making money and making money, and marketing is about creating favorable conditions for sales to take place. In other words, if you bring horses to the brook through marketing, making the horses drink is sales. While there is no denying the fact that continuous sales give any business financial freedom, in today’s world, marketing is far more important than ever to effectively sustain sales.

In the past, you have relied on word of mouth to promote your business, display products, and expensive media exposure. However, it is an era where it is possible to dramatically increase your audience and customer base by harnessing the potential of content and social media marketing. Marketing is proving just as important as sales, and market research over the past decade has shown that new companies and brands that have emphasized the importance of digital marketing from the beginning are often outperforming their larger competitors.

According to several studies, over 90% of marketers use digital marketing and see social media marketing as a key factor in growing their business. Sales teams are already aware that the use of social media helps them achieve their sales goals, and the fact that customers search for products through social media and that more than 30% of internet traffic is concentrated on the top eight social media sites I also know. Do you know Uber or Fitbit? Everyone who has heard of them at least once did not actually exist 10 years ago. However, as a result of applying the digital/social marketing technology of the present age, both companies have grown into companies worth billions of dollars.

Of course, we all know that social media and online marketing have revolutionized marketing as we know it. However, today’s online marketing continues to blur the line between marketing itself and its transformation into real sales. Marketing through social media allows companies to develop a more robust content strategy.

We are reaching out to our customers and listening to their feedback, developing content that addresses their grievances and answering questions they may have during their purchase journey. Many companies are feeling the need to use platforms like Facebook to expose their brands, and they are now allowing end consumers to make in-app purchases. After all, this means that companies that invest in marketing have been able to sell directly through various types of marketing and advertising media.

After all, who wins in sales and marketing? Nowadays, when online marketing is used to increase sales, is marketing slowly surpassing existing sales systems and technologies? To this, I will boldly answer “yes”. Popular social media platforms like Instagram are currently developing features like shopping tags and intuitive sales portals.

Are you selling products online or offline? Or are you providing a service and making money? Then you need to introduce online marketing. At least there has not been a clear winner in the battle between marketing and sales yet, but if the current situation continues, effective online marketing will soon mean increased real-time sales, or even more revenue.


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