7 Ways to Add More Style to Your Studio Apartment

add more style to your studio apartment

If you feel like your home needs a refresh new look, or you’re moving to a new apartment, you’re in the right place. Studio apartments are not the most spacious housing option, yet they can look very stylish and comfortable if you put some effort into them. However, it’s not always easy to figure it out on your own, so you’ll find our tips very useful and inspirational.

Here are the best 7 ways to add more style to your studio apartment, without making radical changes or spending too much time or money on this project.

Before you go on…

…make sure you take a better look at your living space and see the biggest issues with it. People living in studio apartments often struggle with a lack of space, organization, lack of natural light, and similar issues. Look at your home from a distance and see what problems you would like to solve, so the tips we will share here make more sense. Adding style to your apartment can also tackle some of the common space issues and make the apartment more functional, comfortable, and pleasant.

1) Choose colors wisely

One of the main steps to a stylish look is a defined color palette. A fresh coat of paint will surely help spruce up the place, but the wise choice of color is also important. Even when you notice a cool, colorful home design, you can also notice that there is some kind of ‘rule’ when it comes to colors. No matter how wide or limited it is, a defined color palette will certainly help you make your home more stylish. You should pick neutral, background colors that you’ll use for bigger surfaces, but also bolder colors that will help details pop up. You can also go for a minimalist, all-neutral palette which is quite stylish on its own, but make sure that are the colors you want to be surrounded with. Some people find neutral palettes elegant and calming, while others enjoy a bit of color here and there for a more vibrant vibe.

2) Hide clutter

A stylish apartment doesn’t involve clutter all over the place but promotes an organized and sleek look. The first thing to do here is to declutter the space and remove all the unnecessary things. Recycle, throw away, sell or donate items you no longer need, and free up the space. Clutter not only makes the place look messy, but it also visually makes your apartment look smaller than it is. After decluttering, improve your organization and storage situation by adding more shelves to the closet, getting stylish storage baskets to hide the clutter, etc. These will create a clean, unified look, without too many small items making a visual distraction. And if there are items you can’t hide or get rid of, U. Santini Moving and Storage recommend you get additional space outside your home. A storage unit can e a perfect place to store seasonal clothes,

3) Pick statement art pieces

Even though you may live in a studio, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a large piece of art on a wall. Large-scale paintings or even prints can give a whole new look to the space, and definitely improve its style. You can get a large, interesting print at an affordable price, or even get creative and make one yourself. You’ll need a large canvas and some acrylic colors. Let your imagination and creativity do all the work and you can have a unique piece that will surely grab all the attention in the room.

4) Go bold with mirrors

Putting mirrors on the wall or getting mirrored furniture is a proven trick to make the space look bigger, but you can also use it to add more style to your studio apartment. Mirrors reflect light and make the space look airy but if they have an interesting frame, a simple mirror can be a stylish addition to your living space. You can also play with your creativity here, and use a couple of affordable black-framed mirrors to create a mirrored wall and add a cool vibe to the whole apartment.

5) Get a rug that will steal the show

Even if your studio has great floors, adding a rug can really help with styling it up. Rugs can set the tone of the room, but also be a statement piece that puts all other items together. When it comes to a smaller apartment, don’t go for a small rug. Actually, the bigger one is better! You should be able to fit your main living space furniture on top of it – sofa, coffee table, armchairs, etc. A rug that’s too small is a common mistake in home design, and be sure to avoid it. When it comes to colors, your rug should present a contrast from other items on or around it. Get a natural rug if you have bold-colored furniture, or pick one with a cool colorful pattern that will bring the most out of the neutral surroundings.

6) Add texture

Stylish homes don’t have a carefully picked color palette – it’s also about the texture, too. Mix materials and textures wherever you can, following the main idea of the apartment look. You can experiment with wool, leather, velvet, silk, and linen when adding stylish pillows, throws, and similar baskets. Mixing different materials will accentuate the texture and color and give depth to the space – and make it more stylish.

7) Improve the light

Even if you have a stylish apartment, bad or no light will make it difficult to see it. Natural light is always the best option, so try to improve it as much as possible – remove heavy curtains, move big pieces of furniture away from the windows, etc. Also, pick artificial light that will give a soft, natural glow and make light layers. You should have a central light, but also task or detail lighting, too. Furthermore, background light can make a huge difference, so see if there’s a place you can add hidden LED strips and make a cozy atmosphere.

There are plenty of ways to add more style to your studio apartment. You don’t need to have a huge place to express your creativity and style, but make the right choices – and hopefully these tips will help you do that.

Meta: Having a stylish home is not difficult. Read the best ways to add more style to your studio apartment and make it your dream home.


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