A New Adventure Before Santa Comes Knocking


Ever thought of kicking off your Christmas celebrations a little early? Like, pre-Christmas early? If the idea excites you, then how about a pre-Christmas road trip? Traveling, exploring, and chillin’ can all be done with a holiday twist. And hey, who knows, maybe Santa will leave gifts along the way!

The Itinerary: Plot Your Course with Mistletoe and Starlight

The first thing you gotta focus on is the itinerary–that’s your roadmap to fun, mate! Considering we’re on a pre-Christmas vibe, why not plan your stops around festive events? Christmas markets, pop-up ice-skating rinks, carol services, and enchanting town squares all lit up. Planning is crucial because it maximizes your time and ensures that you experience all the festivity en route. After all, what’s a trip without a good plan?

Comfort on Wheels: A Comfy SUV for the Journey

Why ride a reindeer when you can drive in a comfy SUV? The space, the convenience, the comfort – it’s the whole package for a road trip! Choosing the right vehicle ensures a smooth and comfortable journey. Especially if you’re planning on spending a good amount of time on the road, you want your journey to be as pleasurable as your destination.

Besides being extremely spacious, an SUV has an impressive load-carrying capacity which you never know when you’re gonna need. But we’re also talking no more cramped legs, or struggling to squeeze in your Christmas gifts. Even Frosty the Snowman could comfortably fit! An SUV also rides higher, meaning you’ve got a clearer view of the road; and the safety features they typically come with, make the journey more secure.

The Company: Friends are the Tinsel to our Christmas Tree

Choosing the right friends to ride along is super important. Your crew can either make your road trip lit or turn it into a train wreck. You need buddies who are fun, positive, reliable, and adventurous. Friends who will carol along with you, appreciate the twinkling lights, and are up for spontaneous pit stops for hot cocoa. Good company doesn’t just enhance your experience; they are the experience! As the saying goes, friends are the family we choose.

The Essentials: Stocking Up the Sleigh

Nope, we’re not riding reindeer, but our car can be our sleigh, right? And every good sleigh needs to be well-stocked. Fill your car with essentials like maps, snacks, good music, and maybe a couple of Christmas sweaters for those Instagram-worthy moments. Physical preparation is as crucial as mental preparation for a journey. As they say, ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance.’

The Remembering: Let It Glow, Let It Glow

Of course, you’ll want to remember this epic road trip, right? So don’t forget the camera. Capture those laughs, those endless roads, and every twinkling Christmas light you see. These pictures will be your ticket back to these memories anytime you want to relive them. Memories fade, but pictures can help rekindle those moments of joy and adventure.

Home For Christmas

After a journey filled with merriment and adventure, home will feel extra special. When Christmas day dawns, you’ll be toasting to the joy of the road, and the comfort of home. After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays. Falling snow, hot chocolate, family, and the serenity that follows a fulfilled road trip. So, should you take a pre-Christmas road trip? Absolutely! As the song goes, ‘over the river and through the woods,’ your pre-Christmas road trip awaits!


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