Abandon Your Pride, Seek Humility


In this world, there is a kind of pride that doesn’t even give you the slightest rest: the suffering ego, because the world doesn’t suit your taste, and because it isn’t necessarily right.

There is no life of a slave more miserable than being imprisoned in overly great pride. Because human happiness is in the human soul. Only those who can give up their ego for the sake of humility can truly reconnect with the world. Abandon your pride and seek humility.

For example, seeing how different one’s self-esteem is from that of others, and seeing it , can be said to collide with one’s self-esteem. It would be nice if we were lucky enough to be able to control it into a pattern that would fascinate us, but if we moved forward, we would be subject to the attack and the slightest discrepancy.

“If your pride doesn’t go away, buy some humility. Only then will you realize the divinity within you.”

I’m sure you know someone who does this kind of behavior, and even if you don’t know it, even you, with a certain amount of self-esteem, might do it in some circumstances. Regarding this, there is a famous Chinese proverb: “It is more difficult to change a person’s character than to change the flow of a river .”

How Self-esteem can affect our Perception

Eckhart Tolle is famous for his encouraging writings for those living in the “here and now.” In his works, he uncovers the most common source of inner suffering that prevents people from being happy. In his Transitional Book Now, A New World, he states that the mind evoked by pride is one of the most complex sources of human suffering.

For Tolle, human beings with a personality based on pride are “controlled by their own mind”. It is believed that human thoughts, judgments, values, and thoughts… all these things make the owner ‘obsessed’ with the past. Beyond the realm of the individual, from which all these are excluded, nothing exists.


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Because the mind by ego is constantly and steadily repeating, it becomes the type of mind that produces very destructive mental energy. We cannot forget this individual’s desire to dominate and differentiate his own from the pride of others. Gradually, you continue to engage in pointless conflicts, only fighting with your self-esteem and self which only creates psychological pain.

How to strengthen a heart without Proud self-esteem?

People who are dominated by their pride don’t always think about changing themselves, they just try to change others. All of this only leads to frustration with yourself. In fact, at some point, it is possible to meet only such a one-size-fits-all person who only complains, “Human relationships are difficult,” and that person always blames others without realizing that the root of the problem lies with them. do.


“You know how to cut your hair and change your style, but you don’t think you have to change your mind the same way.” – Albert Einstein

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Eckhart Tolle says that he too has lived the same life: In order to break his pride, he wrote, “The more I have, the more I am”, and through all the echoes within, his life was changed. I wanted to let people know that I want to live humbly without being dominated by my pride.

Of course, it’s not easy. But someday it can be done. You will be able to build a higher self and let go of some of your past self-actualizations.

What is the key to breaking free from our ego?

To keep us from this unreasonable pride around us, it’s best to avoid as much of it as possible. Ignoring can be a wise thing to do or something that can frustrate the people you want to get attention from.


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The method of “bringing out self-esteem” is also a way to find inner peace in a person and to get rid of the mental noise around him. Ego and ego are always looking for something: with a little more, touching the other person’s ego a little more, we can complete it, so we try to get something beyond our realm.

The source of suffering is related to self-esteem, and that source will end the moment we seek a nobler present, a more humble ending. Someone said, “No one in this world knows the meaning of life until they give up their ego.”

When we empathize with others and understand that “the human ego is not clinging” or “if I have more, that doesn’t mean I really have more,” Only then will you be freed from the burden. That is the moment when the obsession with pride stops and our precious emotional heart returns.


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