4 Tips For Exporting Food To The USA

When living overseas, there’s nothing quite like receiving a care-package from your loved ones, full of home comforts in the form of food. If you have a loved one living in the United States, you might want to let them know that you’re thinking about them by sending them some of their favourite home treats. Thankfully, exporting food to the US isn’t as complicated as it might sound, as long as you take the time to do thorough research and comply with all of the appropriate regulations. We’re detailing some of the most important things to know.

1) Foods must gave a shelf life of longer than six months from the date of shipping

All food items that are classed as perishables cannot be transported to the US, in fact they are not permitted for transport via courier as a general rule. This is because they could spoil during transit, especially if there are any delays with the service for any reason, or if there are any hold ups during customs clearance. Sadly, this does also apply to home-made foods, as they tend to fall under this category due to the fact that they do not contain any preservatives. Trying to pass your home-made foods off as store bought items is a no, no. If you are caught, there will be penalties for doing so. As tempting as it may be, instead, opt for sending your loved ones recipes for their favourite home-cooked foods so they can recreate them, while also sending them their favourite store bought treats they cannot get in the US.

2) Don’t expect your parcel to be kept ‘this way up’ during transit

Be careful when sending delicate foods via courier to the US, that should be kept ‘this way up’. Unless booked with a specialised courier, food parcels to the US will be treated in the same manner as any other shipment. Marking the package as ‘fragile’ will serve as a reminder to those handling the parcel that it should be handled with care, however, do keep in mind that it will still be transported through a standard courier network alongside other heavy and large items. It will travel along conveyor belts and will be placed in and out of vans when forwarded for delivery. As such, it may not arrive in the same state it was sent.

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3) Package your food hamper securely

The number one reason for parcels arriving to the destination country in a poor condition is, generally, due to insufficient packaging. Therefore, to ensure your food shipment to the US arrives promptly and free from any damage, be sure to package it securely enough to be transported. Wrap each item of food individually, before wrapping it again in bubble wrap to provide impact protection. Fill any voids of space in your package with leftover bubble wrap. For your outer packaging, it is always best to invest in a new, double-walled cardboard box. Not only are they affordable, but they are a great choice for shipping all types of items. Finish by sealing the box with plenty of packaging tape, making sure to secure all flaps and seams.

4) Some items are highly restricted

Before preparing your food shipment to the US, it’s important to keep in mind that some food items are highly restricted. This applies to most countries throughout the world, however, each and every country has their specific regulations when it comes to food. Generally speaking, so long as the food item is in its original manufacturer’s packaging, is sealed and has not been tampered with in any way, and has a shelf life of longer than six months, it can be sent to the US. However, if you’re unsure, you should refer to the official FDA guidelines.

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5 Essential Books To Read When Travelling

Travelling abroad is a stressful experience, there’s no doubt about it. With lots to do and high expectations it can be rather challenging to relax and enjoy your time abroad. Getting lost in the crisp pages of a brand new book is a great way of helping you relax when travelling. Reading allows us to come back down to earth, forget about our worries and realize what is important to us in life. Ok, so we all no know how great reading is when travelling abroad, but finding the right book can be a bit of a challenge.

There’s many to choose from, regardless of what genre you’re choosing and since it’s your holiday, it’s likely that you’ll be a little more picky. To save you from that awful pain and confusion, I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best books to read while travelling. There’s something for everyone in here,and whichever one you choose to read from this list, I can assure you that you’ll not be dissapointed.

1) The Kite Runner

This novel tells the story of a young boy, Amir, from the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Amir is son of a well to do man, who has a servant working for him. The household servant has a son, Hazara, a key character in this novel, once Amir befriends him. The Kite Runner is a heartbreaking story about these two boys, one wealthy and the other poor.It reflects upon the difficulty of choosing right from wrong, the power of parents ruling and indeed, how life in Afghanistan has been over the past 30 years.

2) First They Killed My Father

A book based on the happenings of the communist party, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the year 1975. It follows Long Un, a five year old girl whose main goal was survival when the Khmer Rouge invaded her hometown of Phnom Penh. When this happened, her six siblings were sent to concentration camps and Long Un herself was trained as a child soldier. Although this book focuses on what was a difficult time for many, it is a heartwarming story to read and it will make you feel as though you are on this journey with Long Un, watching her become a fearless and brave girl, and create a new life for herself.

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3) The Rosie Project

A feel-good novel about Don, a professor of genetics, who thinks it’s now the right time to find a wife. As Don specialises in genetics, it only makes sense that he comes up with the idea of starting ‘The Wife Project’, an extremely detailed survey that is statistically proven to find him the perfect partner for life.

Despite how lovely Rosie Jarman is, she does not tick all of the boxes that need to be ticked in this survey. Infact, she is late to everywhere, enjoys alcohol and smokes too, everything that Don isn’t looking from a partner. As Don grows closer to Rosie, they both embark on a new DNA project to find Rosie’s biological father. It’s an unlikely match, on paper they’re not well suited to each other, but they do get on well, could they become more than just friends?

4) Wild

An uplifting story of a 26 year old woman, Cheryl, who thought her life was over until she started travelling. Cheryl seen her life as a crumbling disaster, her mother has recently passed away after having cancer and her marriage broke down. She felt she had lost everything and so, she decided to do something for herself, in attempt to start living again. Cheryl decided to grab her things and head the the west coast of America, literally into the wild, carrying everything she owned on her back.

Having no previous experience of walking or hiking long-distance, this eleven-hundred mile route was indeed a challenge.The novel follows her through this challenge, living through the highest highs and the lowest lows, until Cheryl finds herself again.

5) The Art Of Travel

This travel book delves into the mind of travelers and the methods used by the travel industry. We all know that the travel industry is a billion dollar industry and eats up a lot of our money because they know we see a holiday somewhat as a necessity.

However, just like every other industry, there’s is an art to doing so. We don’t just pay high prices for nothing, we do it because of how the businesses in this industry target us as potential customers.This book looks at the ignorance we have towards this art and how the industry does not focus on our needs, but only our wants. The book makes readers take a new approach on traveling abroad and makes them only keen to take a trip that they will receive fulfillment from.

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What to Do If you Chip or Damage your Teeth

In life, there are various situations where you can inadvertently chip or break a tooth. You could end up doing it through tipping a wine glass in such a way that it nicks a front tooth. Alternatively, the culprit could be ice – whether you slip up on it or crunch it in cubes in your mouth.

That’s far from an exhaustive list of the possible causes – and, besides, the crucial question is surely how you react to the problem. Here are some useful steps – follow them as soon as possible…

What should you do immediately afterwards?

In some cases, you might quickly recognise when your teeth have incurred damage. For example, even when biting ice or a sweet, you might feel something strangely resilient in your mouth; that could be a fragment of a broken tooth.

However, if you simply suffer chipping that isn’t to your front teeth, you might not detect the problem so fast. Healthline outlines several symptoms of a chipped tooth; watch out, for example, if your tongue feels a jagged surface upon running along your teeth.

If the damage is causing you severe pain and adversely affecting your eating and sleeping to a large degree, this is an emergency. Therefore, it would be urgent for you to contact a dental practice which can help. Ten Dental is one example of a practice which can act on dental emergencies at London locations including Balham, Clapham and Wandsworth.

Even if you’re not picking up “emergency” vibes, you should still not take longer than minutes to book an appointment with your dentist. A chipped tooth is a weakened tooth – and, thus, vulnerable to worsening. Still, how should you look after that damaged tooth?

Self-care tips for chipped teeth

Okay, so you’ve scheduled that appointment with the doctor or dentist. How should you preserve your teeth while you wait? If the teeth are painful, use an over-the-counter pain reliever like acetaminophen, WebMD advises. Use salt water to rinse your mouth.

Has the break left a sharp or jagged edge? If so, conceal it with some wax paraffin or sugarless chewing gum. Otherwise, that edge could cut your tongue or the inside of your cheek or lip. If you need to eat before the appointment, stick to soft foods and resist biting down on the problem teeth.

What treatment would be available for your teeth?

Chip Tooth Treatment

Once your dentist has assessed the nature and extent of the damage, they can recommend a good course of treatment for you. For example, if only a small piece of tooth enamel has been chipped off, your dentist might advocate a filling.

If the damage is visible when you smile, bonding or veneers might instead be recommended. The former sees composite resin applied over the damage, whereas the latter attaches a thin shell of material over the tooth’s entire front. Your dentist can talk you through these options and so help you to discern which of them would best suit your specific needs and wants.


How to Make Trips with Toddlers Easy

Those first few months of a non-mobile baby make getting out easy: all you have to do is dress baby and pack a bag of essentials…and go. With growth comes mobility, independence, and some very strong opinions on where they’d rather be going and what they’d rather be doing. Although trips with toddlers does require more planning, it doesn’t have to feel impossible.

Here, 5 tips on how how to make trips with toddlers seamless:

Bring A Well-stocked Diaper Bag

With toddlerhood comes a whole new spin on outfit changes. Gone are the days (well, mostly) of explosive diaper changes, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear yet for those on-the-fly outfit swaps. Toddlers live to explore…food, dirt, mud, and basically every and any substance, texture is worth exploring. Their need to touch everything means you’ll likely be in for an outfit change–or two. Pack extra diapers, plenty of wipes, and clothing. A clean pair of shoes is always a good idea, too.

Pack Plenty of Snacks

There is no wrath like the hanger of a toddler. Pack nutritiously dense food for little bodies on the go. Apple and peanut butter sandwich bites, hummus and fresh-cut veggies, raisins for energy, soft granola bars, homemade muffins, and cheese cubes. And don’t forget to pack a reusable bottle of water for your little one, too. It’s easy for little ones to forget about hydrating every so often.

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Bring a Favorite Toy

For long car rides, books and a favorite toy go a long way. If you’re planning on an extra long travel day, make a ‘car bag’. Pack a new book or two, and a few objects that’ll keep their interest, such as lacing cards or a handheld kaleidoscope. Audiobooks, a child-friendly podcast, or upbeat music also help to keep your little one patient in the car.

Don’t forget your Toddler Carrier

The constant running and exploring of a busy toddler make for some very tired little legs. And as we all know, tired toddlers and tantrums go hand-in-hand. To avoid that dreaded public meltdown, plan ahead by bringing a toddler carrier (if you’re lucky, they might even sneak in a nap!). Ergobaby’s carriers are specifically designed to adjust from one week to 48 months, so your growing child can enjoy a stroll tucked on your back well into toddlerhood.

Make it Fun

If you have a long list of errands to run with your toddler, consider making one last stop before home: the playground, or an outdoor space that they love. Before you leave the house, make a list with your toddler of all the places you’ll be going. This will help to keep your child happy throughout the day, knowing there’s a fun reward at the end just for her.

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13 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cleaning a messy kitchen is such a chore. But, keeping the clean and mess as well as clutter free regularly is more than a chore. It takes time, effort, patient and struggle. But the main thing is to maintain the habits and stick to it, which is the most difficult, part all of it. However, once you get into the flow and know what to do with your kitchen regularly, everything comes into place for you.

There are hundreds of women whose kitchen is shiny without any spot or stain, and you always wonder what kind of magic they have? The answer is, they have the skills I have mentioned above and a perfect routine to follow it up. If you are new to this and your kitchen displays the scene of some war between pots, and there is a blood split on your counter, which is stained of ketchup and other sauces, you must need some training to turn this scene into the peaceful area. With some patience and regularity, you can acquire that. Once you acquire the flow, stick to it, and you will get the ideal clean kitchen, you always want. Followings are the best 13 ways to keep your kitchen clean and tidy:

Make Small Habits

Have you ever wonder what the big secret of keeping the kitchen clean every time you enter into your kitchen is? The magic is hidden in the routine. You do not need to make it perfect and a big deal. For example, if you make a routine to clean your countertop after you use it every time. This is a small habit and routine, but once you stick to it, you will see the clear result.

Clean Your Kitchen a Day Prior

You know very well about the time when you get tired due to the busy day, and you leave your kitchen messy. Next day, you come with a fresh mind, but the dirty dishes, the mess on the counter and clutter of dishes everywhere welcome you with their devil of a smile. Indeed, you will get frustrated before you start your work. The grouchy mood on a morning will lead to the bad day. Not only this, but you may also cuss that why in the world did you leave your kitchen messy while cleaning them. The main point about all of this drama is that you will get more time cleaning your kitchen as compared to you to take the time the night prior. So, always clean the entire kitchen at night no matter how much you are tired. In this way, you can easily get the fresh start on the next day.


Cleaning the kitchen does not only about dusting the dust off and clean the mess from the countertop. But, it requires lots of organizing and decluttering. Decluttering refers to the process of throwing out every extra thing. In this way, if you are new to it, you need extra time to do so. Make a list of everything, which you think you do not need. For example, there can be crack utensils, expire box of milk pack or other stuff. Most importantly, if anything’s box or jar is taking a large space, place it in a small box or jar and throw out the useless stuff. Remember that the less stuff needs the less cleaning and your kitchen will be organized too.

Organize Everything

Though this step seems typical, this is one of 5hr most important things to do. Do not overload your counter with a bunk of dishes and other pots. Only place only one or two things, which you think you, use frequently. Keep everything in the cabinets, away from the eyes. Besides, make your center cabinet a house of all or the things, which you use most frequently. The cabinet which is mostly out of reach should be filled by the things of less usage. In this way, you know where to find anything you want.

Clean on the Spot

This is one of the most important habits to contain. Whenever you think that your counter is getting messy, clean it instantly. As soon as you clean it, you will get less mess at the end of your task. You will be grateful to get a clean kitchen at the end by adopting this habit.

Clean the dishes instantly

It is another great way to prevent spreading the mess to clean every dish as soon as possible. Even, if you are making a meal and one of the dishes gets messy in the process. Do not gather all of the dishes in the dishwasher or washing sink. If you have a little time between the cooking, clean the dishes as much as you can.

Let Water Sink in the Washing Sink and clean it up

Here is another typical thing to do while cleaning the kitchen. If you leave the small particles of food in the sink and fill it another round of dirty dishes without cleaning it, you will have a huge mass of mess to clean at the end. It will look like a chore to clean the washing sink on the spot but it will be worthwhile when you finish your dishes, and the cleaning of the washing sink will require minimum cleaning. Don’t you think it is a good idea?

Have an Organize Basket

Sometimes you need to get rid of small objects, which can be useful for further use, but you do not have time to place it often. Make an additional basket to set in the corner of your counter or your center cabinet. Whenever you find cluttering on your countertop, gather all of the clutter in one go and place them in your basket. When you conclude your cooking and cleaning, empty the basket and organize the clutter. This hack will save you from seeing all of the clutter in your kitchen and getting frustrated.

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Have a Little Dustbin

Every kitchen has a dustbin, but it is something, which should be hidden due to germs factors. Therefore, if you want to clean on the spot, you should get a clean bowl or any wide pot to make it your little dustbin. Whenever you peel the vegetables or fruit, do not let it remain on the counter. Instead, gather every kind of kitchen related trash in this little bin during the work process. In the end, empty the bowl in your main dustbin. This trick can save your time to gather all of the trash at the end.

Plan Everything

Another cliché? Don’t worry the precise planning can save your day? If your kitchen and fridge need much of cleaning, you should make a list of everything, which becomes a hindrance to get the perfect cleaning routine. For instance, you can clean the pantry one by one in the first week; the decluttering can take place in another week, soon. This can help you to decide which things are important and which not.

Make a Habit of Monthly Cleaning

Some objects in your kitchen take hours to shine. For example, your dishwasher, pantry, inner cabinets, fridge and so on. Make a monthly schedule to clean one of the things in one day. Once you clean these things, you will find less mess on a regular basis. You can take this chore in a way that if you are a beginner of the cleaning, you can take one thing, for example, fridge in once a week to clean it properly. If you are a regular cleaner, get one thing, once in a month. Don’t you think, it will be appealing to get less mess?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

All of the ways mentioned above are the traditional ones. Many of the tips you have already heard or know. But what is stopping you from getting the perfectly clean kitchen? It is your mistake to work enthusiastically on one day and get the rest for a month. Take small steps and take one habit once a month until you master it. You can move to the next habit or next task of cleaning, once you know the previous one is completed. This can also save you from getting depressed over the mess and clutter of your kitchen.

Eyes on The Prize

Nothing is perfect you know, but this perfect means a simple cleaning routine, which takes a few minutes or hours of your day, and you will get the clean kitchen all the time. The key is to make habits and stick to it. Keep patience and know that there is a product to your hardship which is you know the tidy kitchen. Not only this, you can show others how tidy you are to have this kind of kitchen. Now, it is time to stop drooling over the ideal kitchen of other women, inspire others with your perfectly clean, and organize the kitchen.

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Ideal Jobs for Busy Moms while Sitting at Home

Motherhood is hard and challenging. Bringing up teeny tiny babies into decent human beings demands dedication, physical fitness as well as mental well-being. For a lot of mothers, ‘meaningful work’ is a sure way to feel better. It also brings some bucks home. However, not every mommy can afford full-time daycares or nannies. Hence, a lot of them resort to work-at-home options.

Myriad of jobs can be performed by mommies from the comfort of their home; while still maneuvering the play-poop-clean-feed-sleep cycles of babies. Here we enlist ideal jobs for busy mommies while sitting at home.

1)   Teach the kids: Tutor

Teaching young kids never gets out of fashion. Although this might sound like out of the frying pan into the fire, some women have a thing for teaching kids. They thoroughly enjoy tutoring young minds and helping in homework. Mommies can side by side educate their own kids too to double the rewards!

2)      Create Knowledge: Curriculum developer

Mommies who have teaching experience and Master’s degree can capitalize these in a number of ways. One of them is to channelize their knowledge and fuse it with more research to develop curriculum. Instructions manuals, planners, notes, teaching aids can be developed from the ease of your home. This job also pays well.

3)      Building World Wide Webs

Web developing has been one of the fastest growing industries for the work-from-home regime. This suits mothers who have relevant degrees/associated degrees and a passion for web development. The work can be easily done remotely and gives a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes this is all that matters to a stay at home mother.

4)      Put your thoughts into words: Blogging

Mommy blogging has been in vogue lately. One way for mommies is to create their own blog and monetize it. Another way to earn is to offer their content writing services to other blogs or online magazines. Parenthood blogs usually pay per article. This job offers complete flexibility as well as a means to connect with community.

5)    Help them hire: HR Recruiter

For mommies who have prior experience in recruitment functions and are trained on recruitment software, working from home is not a far-fetched idea. The recruiter’s job can be performed via video-conferencing and calls. Extra ordinary communication and inter-personal skills is a key to success.

6)      Help them file their Tax Returns: Tax preparer

Even though it sounds arduous, mommies can and do work from home as tax preparers. The unique aspect of this job option is its seasonality. Tax payers have huge work load during January-April in the US while the rest of the year is eased off. You can also opt for this job to plug in some extra cash in the hours of need.

7)    Virtual assistant

This is an ideal job for technology enthusiast and highly organized mommies. Mommies who can multitask, organize, coordinate and communicate well fit this role.  With the use of basic software and excellent time management, mommies can work as Virtual Assistant and bring some money home. 

This list of work-from-home options is by no means exhaustive. The above opportunities are endless. The choice and hence the compensation depend on individual mommies’ need, available time, and skill set. Whatever the case maybe, work from home options greatly empower women and bring the much needed fresh-air in the otherwise mundane life of a stay-at-home mom.