Become a Handicraft Craftsman Making Home Accessories Yourself!


Instead of buying interior accessories at the store, how about making your own?

Instead of buying interior accessories at the store, how about making your own? In today’s article, learn more about how to become a handicraft craftsman making your own home accessories.

Usually, when buying interior accessories, you go out shopping and choose products from famous brands. But there is no law that says you have to buy interior accessories. Let’s make it ourselves!

There are many people who prefer to go to the store and buy the items that are on sale. Of course, this saves time and energy but often costs more.

However, if you make your own props, it can be a better option because you can melt your personality and personality as it is. Now make up your mind and take the time to become a ‘craft craftsman’ yourself!

Become a Clay handicraft craftsman!

When it comes to handicrafts, pottery made from clay cannot be left out. Clay is an easy-to-work material, suitable for making durable and solid crafts.

It is also the most suitable material for making natural-looking props.

Clay does not change color or shape even after a long period of time. Small objects made of clay can be actually used, such as bowls, in addition to interior decoration.

You can also make pots, bowls, plates, glasses, pendants, and more from clay. But don’t try to make props with too complicated designs.

Instead, create props that beautify your home and show off your creativity.

Clay has been used in houses since ancient times.

Let your imagination run wild!

Imagination is the basis of craft. In order to make your own props, you need to focus on all the different techniques. You need to use a variety of techniques to create props that are full of personality.


Gypsum is a material with great potential and is best used to make statues, candle holders, picture frames, and balls. Anything else you want can be made out of gypsum.


Fimo, also known as modeling clay, is actually a preferred material for many young artists and is already widely used in home interiors. The material is very easy to handle, and it is good for children to use. With Fimo, you can make anything you want.


Let’s bake pottery made of clay at home. Shape the kaolin when it is not yet hardened, and bake it in the oven set to the highest temperature.

Working with the above materials requires both appropriate skill and creativity.

Therefore, it is good to take the time to search for videos on the Internet, study, and then try.

Become a Handicraft Craftsman: Using Wood

Wood is a versatile material that should never be forgotten.

But it’s okay to work with only the tools you can find at home.

In fact, the minimum tools you really need are a chisel and sandpaper. However, the necessary tools vary depending on the item you want to make, such as a ball, box, bowl, or statue.

You can polish the wooden items or just leave them natural. If you want to make a basic and simple item, you can make it quite simply.

However, if you want to make a slightly more complicated item, you must first prepare for it.

Become a Handicraft Craftsman: Let’s Use Paper

Of course, some people don’t like using paper for interior decoration. However, you can make a lot of different items out of paper.

The whole family can make decorations using paper.

Creativity is the most important factor.

There are many ways to create your own decorative items.


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