5 Benefits of Branded Merchandise


Branded products and merchandise are a popular way to promote a business. Typical uses for these products include giving away small gifts at conferences, events, and promotional activities. This marketing strategy has long been successful for many companies, and it remains a popular way to attract more custom.

So, if you’re looking at investing in this area, take a look at the main benefits of branded merchandise.

Cost-effective marketing

While you need to provide the initial outlay for new merchandise, the return on your investment typically outweighs the costs. In some cases, you may get a direct customer from this style of marketing. However, the main attraction here is that people who wear or display your merchandise will be showcasing your brand to a broader audience. For more information on how affordable this marketing activity can be, speak to experts like anthembranding.com, who will guide you through the process.

Improved brand awareness

Anything that plugs your brand is potentially suitable for business, and merchandise is no exception. With branded products, you can create useful items that people don’t find intrusive in their everyday life. For example, t-shirts are worn every day and are a great way to display a message without pushing an agenda.

Merchandise may provide helpful market information

All businesses want to know more about their potential customers, and merchandise can help you do just that. This method is particularly useful at events if you’re interacting with a new audience. The merchandise provides a talking point and typically attracts people to a brand. Once you have the focus, products can be used to harness information about a new customer. Even getting a name and email address is helpful for future sell-ins.

Improves customer loyalty

Happy customers are often loyal customers, and showing how much you value them is crucial in maintaining reasonable retention rates. Branded merchandise helps to give your company a personality, plus free gifts also hold the audience’s attention. For example, a company that retains clients via a subscription service could provide branded merchandise on renewal. That way, you can say thank you while still promoting the company.

Branded merchandise has a reasonable shelf life

When thinking about branded merchandise, you should consider products that are useful and can be used for months or years. The more practical a product is, the better the shelf life. There is potential to have your brand on display for many months, or even years, if it proves to be a helpful accessory.

Provides a lead generator

Studies suggest that customers are more likely to approach companies that offer branded merchandise or free gifts at events than those without. Everyone likes a gift, but these people are more likely to listen to a pitch once you have conversed over the merchandise. Thus, this small but impactful gesture has the potential to bring leads directly to your business and offers an excellent opportunity to convert.

By understanding the benefits branded merchandise brings, you can harness the power of this helpful marketing strategy.


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