5 Essential Books To Read When Travelling


Traveling abroad is a stressful experience, there’s no doubt about it. With lots to do and high expectations, it can be rather challenging to relax and enjoy your time abroad. Getting lost in the crisp pages of a brand new book is a great way of helping you relax when traveling. Reading allows us to come back down to earth, forget about our worries and realize what is important to us in life. Ok, so we all do know how great reading is when traveling abroad, but finding the right book can be a bit of a challenge.

There are many to choose from, regardless of what genre you’re choosing and since it’s your holiday, it’s likely that you’ll be a little pickier. To save you from that awful pain and confusion, I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best books to read while traveling. There’s something for everyone in here, and whichever one you choose to read from this list, I can assure you that you’ll not be disappointed.

1) The Kite Runner

This novel tells the story of a young boy, Amir, from the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Amir is the son of a well-to-do man, who has a servant working for him. The household servant has a son, Hazara, a key character in this novel, once Amir befriends him. The Kite Runner is a heartbreaking story about these two boys, one wealthy and the other poor. It reflects upon the difficulty of choosing right from wrong, the power of parents ruling, and indeed, how life in Afghanistan has been over the past 30 years.

2) First They Killed My Father

A book based on the happenings of the communist party, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the year 1975. It follows Long Un, a five year old girl whose main goal was survival when the Khmer Rouge invaded her hometown of Phnom Penh. When this happened, her six siblings were sent to concentration camps and Long Un herself was trained as a child soldier. Although this book focuses on what was a difficult time for many, it is a heartwarming story to read and it will make you feel as though you are on this journey with Long Un, watching her become a fearless and brave girl, and create a new life for herself.

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3) The Rosie Project

A feel-good novel about Don, a professor of genetics, who thinks it’s now the right time to find a wife. As Don specializes in genetics, it only makes sense that he comes up with the idea of starting ‘The Wife Project’, an extremely detailed survey that is statistically proven to find him the perfect partner for life.

Despite how lovely Rosie Jarman is, she does not tick all of the boxes that need to be ticked in this survey. In fact, she is late everywhere, enjoys alcohol, and smokes too, everything that Don isn’t looking for from a partner. As Don grows closer to Rosie, they both embark on a new DNA project to find Rosie’s biological father. It’s an unlikely match, on paper they’re not well suited to each other, but they do get on well, could they become more than just friends?

4) Wild

An uplifting story of a 26 year old woman, Cheryl, who thought her life was over until she started traveling. Cheryl seen her life as a crumbling disaster, her mother has recently passed away after having cancer and her marriage broke down. She felt she had lost everything and so, she decided to do something for herself, in an attempt to start living again. Cheryl decided to grab her things and head the west coast of America, literally into the wild, carrying everything she owned on her back.

Having no previous experience of walking or hiking long-distance, this eleven-hundred mile route was indeed a challenge. The novel follows her through this challenge, living through the highest highs and the lowest lows until Cheryl finds herself again.

5) The Art Of Travel

This travel book delves into the mind of travelers and the methods used by the travel industry. We all know that the travel industry is a billion dollar industry and eats up a lot of our money because they know we see a holiday somewhat as a necessity.

However, just like every other industry, there’s is an art to doing so. We don’t just pay high prices for nothing, we do it because of how the businesses in this industry target us as potential customers. This book looks at the ignorance we have towards this art and how the industry does not focus on our needs, but only on our wants. The book makes readers take a new approach to traveling abroad and makes them only keen to take a trip that they will receive fulfillment from.


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