7 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales During Festive Season

Boost online sales

Holidays are back, and the landscape is going to be different than before. Individuals are already ready with being present on their screens more than ever. So yes, COVID-19 has affected the behaviour of individuals towards online shopping and holiday shopping.

But it has only added leverage towards online presence, as individuals are already there, all brands need to do is market their products well to get in the eyes of consumers and initiate that impulse to spend. The Internet is a large space, and you need to compete with fierce competitors to establish your presence.

Surely as a budding brand/business, some tips to boost your online sales during the festive season will always help. Through social media, almost every individual can be convinced to buy anything, all you require is a good digital marketing agency.

1) A Holiday Landing Page

Website is a set of web pages, right! So during every occasion, you have an option of generating a unique landing page to show your old consumers the efforts and surprise the new ones.

A new web page which is solely dedicated to the coming festival surely ignites a ray of interest and attracts consumers. Surely this will help in building a new connection between your store and your consumers. The same can be done by even having a dedicated banner for your home page.

Mention your hot-favourite product and the best offer you have for it, and consumers will positively react to it. You might have experienced the spooky designs for Halloween or Christmas touch during December on your competitor’s website.

2) Invest In SEO

The good news is there is still enough time for you to invest in SEO and reap results. Won’t consumers be searching for the best restaurant in XXX city, best cloth store in XXX city, or more? So investing in SEO will make sure that users find you from their initial Google Searches only.

Local SEO is also an effective technique to boost online sales during the festive season. Do intense research for building links and identifying the best keywords for your business. Know all respected keywords for a holiday sale and smartly place them in your content.

The above point can also be extended here as creating sale/offer-oriented pages during festive season increases the chances of you coming up in their searches when a consumer is searching for offers. SEO experts in Singapore can help you to boost your online sales during the festive season.

3) Extend Your Branding Networks

The current popular term in traditional or digital marketing is affiliate marketing, which is performance-based marketing. The risks are significantly low while the conversion rate shoots up.

For example, in terms of payment gateway solutions, you can use different payment gateways which provide discounts (cashback) as per their deals to the end consumer when a sale occurs. Adding to it, you can even join hands with coupon sites and start co-branding.

As you guessed, the prime benefit here is the conversion that is increased because of these channels.

4) Offers, Discounts, Free Gifts/Shipping.

This one surely goes without saying, as festive times would be incomplete without offers, discounts, freebies, or more. It’s common knowledge that they are the prime factors of sales promotions.

The more to this point is that this also allows you to test your new products or add some extra mileage to the low-performing ones. During the festive season, people spend a bit more carelessly, but when your product satisfies them well, they’ll surely come for it again.

Also in the current creative competition, you don’t need only need to come up with offers, but you even need to be creative with it, like they say ‘It matters how you are saying it than what you are saying!’

5) Email Marketing

In the digital marketing era, emails are the perfect substitute of direct selling or let’s say door-to-door selling.

With that being said, procure a pool of emails from your set target group. You can even mix it up with your current mailing list. Decide the product/offer you want to bank on, note, for mails let it be your most popular & successful product if you are doing it after a while.

Build a creative and attractive mailing letter to not only lure the consumers but also get them to share about the same to their contacts. This is surely the most direct tip to boost your online sales during the festive season.

Remember, by incorporating such value propositions into your customers’ minds, you initiate their interest while also generating more traffic for your site.

6) Organic Social Media

Social media can do wonders for brands, and that’s a no secret. But it would help if you had a consistent posting, engagement, and follow-ups for creating & maintaining it.

Like your landing pages, even your posts before and during the festive season can have different and unique designs for attracting viewers. It’s all about dwelling and providing a festive feeling to viewers to connect.

Start posting the product images, happy customer reviews, recent news, offers, facts about the festivals, your festival celebration at the office, and more. In short, let your consumers feel that the relationship is more than just a transaction.

As you know, social media comes with the options of likes & comments (instant response) and shares (referrals) so why not use it best to boost your online sales during the festive season.

7) Paid Campaigns

Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, you name it, and indeed there will be an option of paid campaigns.

These campaigns are indeed the most effective and result-oriented tools in your arsenal, but there’s a reason we kept them last. It’s a festive season, and you are already cutting down on revenue from sales by offers and discounts. Paid campaigns require additional investments.

Which is totally on you to decide, but the leads and conversions they provide is surely beyond comparison. They spread out the word faster than any technique.

Also, the extra online sales you will generate can cover up for the extra investments as consumers are also ready to spend a bit extra during the festive season. A container tracking can be a good investment for a fast and safe delivery of your goods to your customers.

It is really not necessary to follow all the tips, it is always upon your digital marketing agency or you to decide and strategise according to your competitor’s plan, product type, and industry trends. Anyone, or a combination, or all of them, but one thing is sure; it will take extra efforts to boost your online sales during the festive season.


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