Business and Marketing: What Awaits Us in 2023


The economic crises and the natural development processes of the last two years have significantly changed businesses around the world. From global trends to local specifics, these changes impact a variety of aspects of their operations.

Values, digitization, and outsourcing are global trends in the development of companies that are gaining importance every year. Let’s talk about adhering to our own values, which are based on the so-called ESG principles (Environmental, Social, Governance Principles).

Compliance with these principles is one of the most important factors and driving forces of the companies. These principles not only ensure a positive brand image but also open up additional investment opportunities. With the application of ESG principles, the impact of digitization will increase.

It is expected that more and more companies will use new operating formats, analysis methods and big data. The focus is on systematizing business processes and driving the adoption of artificial intelligence.

Global approach towards work style

Companies strive to optimize work processes as much as possible. Hence the natural trend toward outsourcing. It is used more and more frequently not only in large but also in medium-sized companies. Outsourcing services allow brands to focus on product development so time is not wasted on side processes. For example, entertaining an office and staff.

It’s no secret that in some departments specialists do not need to be in the office. They can do their work from anywhere, all they need is a PC connected to the internet. As such, many employers have pushed these departments to either work entirely remotely or give employees the option to work in a hybrid mode. Conferences and meetings are held in a similar manner.

The transition to “voluntary” telework and the right of the employee to choose his working mode will allow companies to make work more flexible and increase the comfort of the work process. The workplace is not a space, it is a way of thinking. Therefore, the adaptation of employers to the new environment is a big step and a new level of work organization that does not fit into the usual framework of office work. Office work will no longer feel like a chore and will become more attractive to the freedom-loving generation.

Remote Work Era

Millennials, people aged 25 to 40, are the most “flexible” generation. These people were born in the dandy console and comics era and grew up in the era when the internet became popular. They already have a certain level of experience, education, and values. They know how to adapt and change to the current environment. And it’s millennials who now hold the majority of leadership positions.

Employers are willing to accommodate them and care about their well-being, as they don’t want to lose qualified and valuable employees. The focus shifts not only to engagement but also to increasing psychological comfort. To this end, employers are increasingly opting for the employment of a company psychologist. This makes the leadership style more flexible. Thanks to employee loyalty, the company becomes more trend-conscious and therefore more efficient.

Finance Shifting towards digital currency

The trend of looking for new sources of financing is more common among Western companies today, but it is expected that it will soon find its way into the domestic market as well. And this is only natural: the decentralization of financial flows and the new forms of corporate financing will contribute to more intensive development of enterprises, as well as the independence and autonomy of their structural units.

One of the most important aspects in the development of this trend is strengthening the position of cryptocurrencies in the financial market. Nowadays, you can trade cryptocurrencies without leaving your home if you sign up on Bitalpha Ai . While cryptocurrencies used to appear as something ephemeral and even toylike, they are now quite real.

A number of well-known global brands such as Microsoft, PayPal, Starbucks, Overstock and others are already using Bitcoin as a means of payment. According to Forbes, it is the cryptocurrency that will be the most important currency in the world in the future.

Mode of Payment

In addition, the trend towards cashless payments and the abolition of cash continues. Of course, cash is unlikely to leave us in the next 5-10 years, but its turnover is significantly decreasing every year.

One trend that deserves separate consideration is the proliferation of artificial intelligence tools and the use of digital technology to promote products. For example, voice assistants, chatbots, online brand demonstrations, and video visits will enable interaction with the audience without physical presence. This ensures that sales can be made regardless of time and place.


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