Business Mindset: 10 Sentences Successful People Never Say


Pay attention to your thoughts because they become words. Pay attention to your words, because they become actions. ”- that is exactly what successful people are aware of. The right mindset not only decides who is happy in life but also about professional success. So if you are an entrepreneur yourself or want to start a business, you should acquire the right business mindset. We’ll tell you which sentences you shouldn’t think or say under any circumstances and give you simple instructions for the right entrepreneurial mindset.

Definition: What is a Business Mindset?

The English term mindset describes the ways of thinking as well as beliefs and the resulting behavioral patterns. In general, the word is also understood as a person’s inner attitude and can therefore be applied to different areas of life. Basically, a healthy mindset is necessary for a happy life.

The business mindset thus describes the special attitude towards the business or professional area of ​​life. The special way of thinking enables you to see problems rather than opportunities and then to use them entrepreneurially. It also promotes the conviction that everything in this world is ultimately based on an initial idea.

Just as a generally positive mindset is absolutely necessary to be happy, an entrepreneur needs to have an appropriate business mindset in order to be successful.

Business Mindset: 10 Sentences Successful People Never Say

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur? Perhaps you were inspired by a self-made millionaire and his brilliant business idea or you admire the success of many people who have dared to realize their dream of self-employment.

No matter what it is that drives you, you have to be aware that all of these people have the right business mindset together. If you want to learn this as well, be sure to remove the following sentences from your mind and vocabulary:

1) “I hate my job.”

It is obvious that this phrase cannot come from the mouth of a successful person. Even if there is a situation that is uncomfortable and actually does result in professional dissatisfaction, a successful person never says such negative things, because then he only slows himself down.

For this reason, you too should not be stubborn, but rather look at the given circumstances rationally and look for appropriate strategies and ways with which you will be happier again in your job.

2) “That is impossible.”

These words not only limit you, but are also seen by others as pessimistic, not very constructive and almost curmudgeonly. Of course, there are many stumbling blocks and barriers on the way to success, but in line with the business mindset you should never give up and first think everything is possible. Remove the stumbling block or find a way to get around it.

Basically, you should delete the word “impossible” from your thoughts, because as a successful entrepreneur you never throw in the towel. Instead, try alternative phrases like, “What I can do in any case is….” Keep in mind that whatever you think is possible in your mind is possible.

3) “I should have done it differently.”

“Should” and “should” are words that are associated with remorse and shame, because the person who says it usually regrets a decision and sees a mistake in it. However, successful people don’t waste their time worrying about the past and being angry about something that can’t be changed anyway.

The same goes for sentences like “You should have done it differently”. This accusation does not help anyone and the addressed customer, employee or supervisor probably feels offended. It would be better to just ask him to take a different course of action next time.

4) “I’ll do that later.”

The purest form of procrastination does not exist in the mind of a successful entrepreneur, because he has mastered time management. He is particularly good at managing his time and, whenever possible, does things immediately instead of postponing them.

The most successful people in the world even have proper systems for prioritizing tasks. If something needs to be done, the successful entrepreneur does it without hesitation or delegates it to an employee if possible.

5) “I had no choice.”

We humans always have a choice, but this freedom scares many because they feel threatened by the unlimited possibilities. The possible changes require decisions, which in turn can lead to errors.

However, successful people know that mistakes are inevitable and have a learning effect. In addition, they take responsibility for their actions and consciously accept that they have made a choice, even if it has led to a dead end.

6) “That is not my job.”

Successful people help others to succeed too, or in the words of billionaire Warren Buffet: “A man is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Team players also help others to achieve their goal.

Try to think about this phrase over and over again when you doubt that as a successful entrepreneur everything is part of your job. After all, the moment you are at the helm of a business, there is nothing that is not your problem.

7) “There are no more new ideas.”

Many people probably have this mindset, but certainly not really successful entrepreneurs. Of course, it is not easy to develop a revolutionary business idea out of nothing, and yet every day new ideas arise all over the world that are even promising.

The only thing that a first idea needs to be successful is self-confidence and drive. If you really believe in something, even the simplest of ideas can help you start a good business.

8) “This is not my fault.”

A successful entrepreneur is a true leader, otherwise, he would not be able to run an entire business. That means that he should take responsibility for himself, his business idea, and everyone involved.

For this reason, the statement is an absolute no-go in terms of the business mindset. Taking responsibility for mishaps or mistakes, even when you may not even have been involved in them, is a sign of true leadership. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to motivate others to do their best.

9) “I am young and still have a lot of time.”

Most people say exactly this when it comes to starting your own business with a business idea or giving up a job that has lasted for years for a new one. However, it also prevents you from achieving really great things, because before you know it 20 years have passed and you realize that you are nowhere near where you really wanted to be at this point in your life.

Successful people have a mindset in which their goals, wishes and ideas about the future actually have urgency. Their drive and the necessary self-confidence give them the strength to take things easy and quickly realize their dreams.

10) “I don’t have enough talent.”

Even the most successful people sometimes have doubts about their skills and talents. However, dealing with these negative thoughts sets them apart from other people because they have the necessary self-confidence.

The right business mindset includes awareness of one’s own skills and competencies. When doubts arise, successful people see this as a motivation to continue to grow their personality at this point, to turn weaknesses into strengths and to really exhaust their own potential.

Mindset tips: 5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

The richest and most successful people in the world no longer have to work, of course, but they continue to do so and often do so for many hours a day. Why? Because your vision of a successful company is part of your identity and you would never give up that passion.

If you are also longing for professional and financial success, you should first have the right mindset. It is not enough to just banish certain sentences from your thoughts, but also to adopt new ways of thinking, habits and behavioral patterns. Here are the five most important steps to the right business mindset:

Step 1: Break out of your comfort zone!

In order to really lure your mindset out of the reserve, you should first break out of your comfort zone. In the world of successful business people and founders, you have to be flexible and agile, adapt quickly to new circumstances and by no means fall victim to your fears.

As a measure against your worries, you should consciously expose yourself to situations and decisions that stress you in order to gradually step out of your comfort zone.

This three-step plan is a great way to practice:

  • Visit a café of your choice.
  • Ask the waitress about a 10% discount on your coffee.
  • Do not say anything until you get a response.

Regardless of whether you get a discount on your coffee, you have certainly learned to step out of your comfort zone and do something unusual. If you do this once or twice a week, your mindset will already change in small steps.

Step 2: Find a mentor with a good business mindset!

It is also part of the business mindset to be able to accept help and to orientate oneself towards already successful people. In the second step, you should therefore look for a kind of mentor who, in your opinion, has the right thought patterns and behaviors.

If possible, get close to this person and study their behavior and business decisions carefully. Learn from his success and his mistakes and incorporate these habits into your business mindset.

Step 3: See mistakes and setbacks as a learning experience!

Nobody likes to look back on their mistakes, but a successful entrepreneur recognizes the value of these missteps by looking at what positive has emerged from them. It is best to start by looking carefully at a situation in the past and analyzing it.

Rather than beating yourself up for past mistakes, change your mindset to pick things from the situation that you can learn from for the future. What would you do differently today? See the value in uncomfortable experiences and see them as an opportunity to learn and improve in the future.

Step 4: Trust yourself and your instincts!

On your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, you should consciously bring up the following thoughts so that they become an integral part of your mindset: You are smart. You are qualified. You can do it.

The professional world will repeatedly present you with difficult situations in which you are unsure what to do. Instead of wallowing in uncertainty, trust your feelings and instincts and act accordingly. Remember that you alone have the power to change your reality.

Step 5: Become a producer instead of a consumer!

The last step on the way to the right business mindset is to prioritize your own idea and to be convinced of your own products or services. Stop being a consumer now at the latest and consider the products of other businesses to be more successful.

Only you have the solution to the problem of your target group and you produce the corresponding product so that your customers buy it and are satisfied. Ultimately, this mindset will help you to keep improving your own company.

The business mindset of a successful entrepreneur is the key to fulfilling the dream of a company at the top. Fortunately, it is in your power to change your mindset in such a way that the seemingly impossible suddenly becomes possible and you can actually achieve your goals and dreams. When you become more confident and slowly but surely feel comfortable with your new ways of thinking, you can in turn take on new ones, because a successful entrepreneur never stops working on himself and his products.


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