Buying Tyres Online: Is It a Good Idea?


Today, everything from clothes to food is effortlessly available online. And so are tyres. If you are thinking about replacing your worn tyres, then you can simply search on Google and find multiple companies offering them at great discounted rates. However, not all of them might be a successful purchase. You might end up purchasing a budget tyre for your premium vehicle. Therefore, it is quite crucial to know about tyre purchasing, so you don’t have to rush towards replacements later on.

Nonetheless, here are some points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing tyres online. Having the right quality tyres is very important, legally as well as to prevent accidents.  So, what are the aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying a tyre online? Let’s take a look.

Points-To-Remember: Tyres

Below-mentioned is some tips and tricks that will be helpful to you in case you are looking for tyres online.

Know your vehicle

Know the brand and model of your vehicle. If you are satisfied with the tyres that you are using, then you may not have many issues finding a new one.  If not, or if you are looking for a change, then it’s best to get recommendations from tyre dealers.

Selecting the right size of tyres

Cars come with a user manual. Take a look at the manual carefully to find out the precise size of your car, and the exact size of tyre that will fit perfectly. The size of car tyres online is usually represented in code form. So, you may also need to research a bit about the same.

Analysing the seasonal diversities of your region

Before purchasing a new set of tyres, make sure to analyse the season of your region. If your area’s climate is mostly humid and dry, go for summer tyres. On the other hand, if your area’s climate is cold and slush-laden, go for winter tyres.

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Deciding as per the price

If you want to make an informed choice, make sure to compare the features of tyres that lie under the premium, mid-range and budget tyre segment. In case, you desire high-performance from your sports or SUV, go for premium tyres. But if you require medium-end performance with an affordable price tag, mid-range tyres will be the best option for you.

Deciding as per the EU ratings

If you seek to buy an excellent set of tyres, compare them online via their EU ratings. The rating is awarded based upon fuel -efficiency, rolling resistance and road noises. Usually, premium tyres are rated  ‘A’ on all aspects. But, make sure to check the price tag as such tyres come costlier than usual ones.

Tyre size is mentioned on the sidewall. It is made up of a series of numbers and alphabets. The figures depict tyre width, profile, rim diameter, load index or load capacity, and speed rate.

  1. Always compare multiple websites to confirm that you get the best rate. You can also survey the rates offline in the local market or dealers. This will give you a rough idea of how much you can save. However, make sure to not compromise with the quality while looking for cheaper tyres.
  2. Before making the payment, always read the reviews of the product you are paying for. Also, you can read the reviews of the service providers and beware of the frauds.
  3. Read all the terms and conditions of the website from which you are making the purchase. Some companies provide free fitting services, while some take extra charges. On the other hand, some may also provide just the tyre and need you to get them fitted from a local shop. So, gather all the information initially to avoid any misconception later.
  4. If you agree to pay extra charges for getting the car tyres fitted by the provider, then do compare the same with a local mechanic.
  5. Check the return policies and how can you replace your car tyres if you seem to be unsatisfied with the purchase. Some auto-garage offer hassle-free tyre pickup from your home.

Finding the right tyre without having to see it physically might sound tough, but taking a few safeguards will help you save a lot. You can find discounts, cash backs, and various service offers while purchasing tyres online. Moreover, you can do it all sitting on your office desk or couch.


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