Camping with a Dog in a Caravan


The fact that in the recent past the possibilities for a holiday were significantly limited due to the pandemic has increased the trend towards holidaying in a Caravan again. After all, vacationing in a Caravan gives you even more freedom and flexibility when traveling.

For dog owners, a vacation with a Caravan is also a good option for a stress-free vacation with your four-legged friend. However, the Caravan must be equipped accordingly so that all travelers – both the two-legged friends and the dogs – feel comfortable and can enjoy the holiday to the fullest. What is camping with a dog in a Caravan you can find out in this article.

Preparations for camping with a dog

In general, it’s a great thing when you can spend the holiday together with your own dog. In this way, you can also spend a lot of time with your beloved four-legged friend on holiday and, for example, go on hikes together through nature.

To ensure that you have good memories of your camping holiday with your dog and that your four-legged friend also has a lot of fun traveling together in the Caravan, some preparations must be made before the start of the camping holiday. What you should pay attention to when planning a camping trip with a dog and what absolutely needs to be on the holiday packing list, you will find out in the next sections.

Choosing a travel destination for camping with a dog in a Caravan

When planning a camping holiday with four-legged friends, the choice of travel destination is very important. Depending on the desired holiday destination, there are different things to consider.

On many campsites, you can bring a dog with you without any problems. Nevertheless, you should definitely ask the campsite you prefer before you arrive whether you are really allowed to bring a dog with you. In many cases, the campsite operators charge an additional fee per day for the dog for the four-legged friend.

If you have several dogs with you, it can be more difficult when choosing a campsite. Many campsites only allow one pet.

In any case (especially during the holiday season), we recommend that you book a campsite in good time and not simply set off on “lucky luck”. Otherwise it may be that the campsite is already full and you won’t get a space for your Caravan.

If you are planning a camping trip abroad with your dog , you should definitely find out about the applicable local laws and regulations beforehand. In addition to the regulations for camping, you should attach particular importance to entry requirements for dogs, leash requirements, hunting season, etc.

If your dog is one of the so-called “listed dogs”, entry into some countries (e.g. Denmark) is not possible at all.

When entering other countries, your dog needs at least one valid rabies vaccination in most cases. It can also make sense to wear a muzzle, as in some countries muzzles are compulsory, for example when using local public transport.

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You should also check the insurance policy of your dog insurance, what the regulations for insurance coverage are when traveling with a dog abroad.

Planned holiday activities when camping with a dog

When planning a camping trip with a dog, you should not only think about the campsite itself, but also the surrounding area and the planned holiday activities. A city tour through the metropolises of Europe will probably not give your dog the same joy as you. An active and hiking holiday in the Alps probably does. If your dog likes to swim, you should, for example, pay attention to dog beaches by the sea or lakes (where dogs are allowed) in the vicinity.

The right Caravan for a camping trip with a dog

Especially if you want to rent a motorhome for a camping holiday with a dog, you have to clarify with the landlord before signing the rental agreement whether you are allowed to take a dog with you. Otherwise, there may be high fines if you take a dog with you without permission.

In general, when choosing the right motorhome, you should make sure that your dog also has enough space in the motorhome. Your dog definitely needs a place to sleep where he can stretch out completely. This is not always easy, especially with larger dog breeds and small Caravans.

Your dog should definitely get used to staying in the Caravan slowly. For some dogs, being “locked up” in the small Caravan takes some getting used to. If you want to leave your dog alone in the Caravan for a while, he should already be familiar with this from home. Otherwise, it may be that your dog starts to howl or even disassemble the interior. (Caution: when the temperature is warm, the interior of a Caravan – like a car – can heat up very quickly and become a death trap for your dog!)

You also have to make sure that your dog can easily get into the motorhome. The stairs into the interior of Caravans are often difficult for dogs to climb because they are smooth or made of bars that hurt dog paws.

When choosing a Caravan, you should also consider how your dog should be accommodated safely during the journey.

Packing list for camping holidays with a dog in a Caravan

Long-time campers who have always taken their dog with them on trips automatically know what to look out for. However, if you are traveling with your own dog in a Caravan for the first time, then there are many things to think about.

The packing list for a camping holiday with a dog includes:

  • Leash and collar or harness, possibly a towline, to be towing a caravan.
  • Poop bag
  • Toys (and other chews to keep you busy)
  • First aid kit and, if necessary, medication for the entire duration of the holiday
  • Dog food for the entire duration of the holiday
  • Drinking bowl and feeding bowl
  • Dog bed
  • Pet passport (to prove valid vaccinations)
  • Muzzle (in some countries your dog may need a muzzle under certain circumstances)
  • Towels (especially if you are on a holiday by the sea or lake or in bad weather)
  • If necessary, a mobile fence to enclose your pitch

Pay attention to the safety of the dog while driving in the Caravan

Even before you go on vacation with your dog on a campsite, you should deal with the special challenges of taking a dog with you on trips in a Caravan. After all, the four-legged friend, like other passengers, should be accommodated as safely as possible during the journey.

Under no circumstances should you transport your dog unsecured in the Caravan. This would endanger both your dog and all people traveling with you!

There are basically a number of different options for safely taking a dog with you in a Caravan, similar to in a car. For example, you can use a special transport box for dogs while driving. However, you must note that not every box can be securely fastened in every Caravan.

Especially if you want to rent a Caravan, you should make sure that your transport box also fits into the model you have chosen. It is also important that you familiarize your dog with the box before the start of the trip and that your dog does not have to go into the eerie, dark, and wobbly box for the first time on the day of departure.

An alternative to transporting in the transport box can be to secure your dog with a special safety belt.

Living with the dog at the campsite

There is usually a whole range of regulations on a campsite. These rules are intended to ensure smooth coexistence between all guests (both two-legged guests and four-legged guests) on the campsite. For this reason, when staying with your dog, it is essential to observe the applicable rules of the respective campsite. When you arrive at the campsite, you should first find out about the existing regulations.

Although dogs are welcome at most campsites, mutual consideration is very important so that all parties can enjoy the camping holiday. It is therefore essential to ensure that your dog does not bother anyone and that you adhere to the applicable leash obligation or to places on the campsite that are prohibited for dogs, for example.

Of course, you should always dispose of possible legacies from your dog quickly.

It often makes sense to have your own fence on the campsite, with which you can restrict your dog’s freedom of movement to your assigned pitch, without your dog having to stay on a leash all day.

Otherwise, when you arrive at the campsite, it makes sense to make sure that there is a shady spot for your dog at all times of the day when choosing a pitch. Pitches near the exit of the campsite are particularly popular with dog owners so that you can quickly walk your dog outside the campsite in the evening.


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