110+ Creative & Colorful Cocomelon Cake Ideas


A Custom Cocomelon cake design is made to deliver a special message for a birthday boy or birthday girl who really loves this cartoon series. We cannot neglect the most important aspect of any birthday, and which holds the main enthusiasm for children. The Cocomelon birthday cake is at the heart of the celebration.

We have prepared the mega list of  110+ Cocomelon Theme based Cakes.

Cocomelon Cake For Girl Birthday

We all want something special for our little girls on their birthdays. Making the cocomelon cake is top of the list. Girls are very specific about what they want and how the birthday party should make them feel. Have a look at the following ideas for Cocomelon Cake For Girl. And see for yourself which one are you going to get for your little girl.

1) Pink and Green Cocomelon Birthday Cake

cocomelon cake for girl

2) Cocomelon Watermelon Cake

cocomelon cake for girl

3) Cocomelon Candy cake

cocomelon cake for girl

4) Cocomelon Wheels on the Bus Cake

cocomelon cake for girl

5) Family Cocomelon Cake Topper

cocomelon cake for girl

6) Cocomelon First Birthday Cake

cocomelon cake for girl

7) JJ Cocomelon Cake Rainbow Topper

cocomelon cake for girl

8) The Ant and the Ladybird

easy cocomelon cake

9) 2 Tier Cocomelon cake

cocomelon cake for girl

10) Cocomelon Sprinkle Cake

11) The Ant and the Ladybug Cocomelon Cake

12) 2 Tier Rainbow Cocomelon cake

cocomelon cake for girl

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13) JJ Cocomelon Cake

cocomelon cake for girl

Cocomelon Cake Design For Boy

Here are a few ideas for cocomelon cake design for boys. As it appears the little boys really like JJ’s character from the cocomelon series. So why shouldn’t we get some cocmelon cake design for boys as well?

14) Cocomelon Blue Cake

cocomelon cake design for boy

15) Cocomelon Balloon Cake

cocomelon cake design for boy

16) Cocomelon Wheels on the Bus Cake

cocomelon cake design for boy

17) Cocomelon Cake Design for boy

18) Ladybug & Watermelon Cocomelon Cake

19) Cocomelon Rainbow Cake

20) JJ 2 Tier Cocomelon Cake

21) JJ Cocomelon Cake Design

cocomelon cake design for boy

22) Cocomelon Characters For Cake

23) Cocomelon Two Layer Cake

24) Cocomelon Characters Topper Cake

25) Cocomelon Balloon Cake for Boys

26) Cocomelon Family Characters Cake

27) Ladybug on Cocomelon Cake Design

28) Green Cocomelon Cake

29) Cocomelon Theme Birthday Cake

30) Cocomelon 4th Birthday Cake

31) Cocomelon Characters Cake

Cocomelon cake Ideas 1st Birthday

Every parent wants to do special on the first birthday of their kids. It just happens to be the cocomelon-themed cake designs that are adored by kids at all stages. Here are some cocomelon cake ideas for your kid’s first birthday.

32) Cocomelon 1st Birthday Cake

cake de cocomelon

33) Cocomelon Rainbow Cake

34) Cocomelon Topper Cake

35) Cocomelon Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

cake de cocomelon

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36) Cocomelon Watermelon Cake

37) Cocomelon Cake Watermelon

38) Double Cocomelon Cake

39) Rainbow Double Cocomelon Cake

40) Cocomelon Duck Cake

41) Cocomelon Cake for Spencer 

42) Cocomelon Sarah First Birthday Cake 

43) Cocomelon Cake for Yusuf

44) Cocomelon Full Toper Design Cake 

45) Cocomelon Cloud and Tree-Themed Cake

cake de cocomelon

46) Cocomelon All Character Cake

47) Cocomelon Dancing JJ Topper 

48) Cocomelon Image Topper Cake 

49) Cocomelon Kaiden Birthday Cake 

50) Cocomelon Ant’s Themed Birthday Cake 

51) Cake de Cocomelon

cake de cocomelon

Cocomelon cake Ideas 2nd Birthday 

Have a look at the following cocomelon cake ideas for the 2nd birthday of your kid, as the baby has started to recognize his/her favorites and can say bits and pieces. Then it is time to treat your child to his favorite character cake.

52) Cocomelon Wheels on the Bus Cake

53) Cocomelon 2 Tier Rainbow Cake

54) Cocomelon Rainbow Cake

55) Cocomelon 2nd Birthday Cake / Cocomelon fondant cake

56) Cocomelon 2nd Birthday Cake for Girl

57) Cocomelon Birthday Cake for Ariya

58) Cocomelon birthday cake for Isaiah

59) Cocomelon Birthday Cake Topper

60) Two Layer Cocomelon Cake Design for Girl

61) Cocomelon Cookie Cake

62) Cocomelon Birthday Cake for Elisse  

63) Cocomelon Bus Cake

64) 2 Tier Cocomelon Cake Fondant

65) 2 Tier Cocomelon Bus Cake

66) 2 Tier Cocomelon Cake Design for Girl

67) Cocomelon Three Tier Cake

68) Cocomelon Cake Bus On top

69) Cocomelon Full Theme Cake 


70) Green Cocomelon Cake For 2nd Birthday

71) Cocomelon Cake for Bennett

72) Cocomelon Cake for Connor 

73) Blue Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon cake Ideas 3rd Birthday

74) Cocomelon Cake with Pink Bow

cocomelon cake ideas

75) JJ Cocomelon Cake for 3rd Birthday

cocomelon cake ideas

76) Cocomelon Wheels on the Bus 2 Tier Cake

cocomelon cake ideas

77) Cocomelon Birthday Cake for Ashley  

78) Pink Cocomelon Cake

79) Small Cocomelon Cake 

Easy Cocomelon Cake Design

Sometimes you want to treat your child to your own level of baking experiences, Here are some Easy Cocomelon Cake Designs for you to see and make a home experience of baking Simple cocomelon cakes.

80) Easy Cocomelon Cake for Boy

easy cocomelon cake

81) Simple Watermelon Theme Cake 

easy cocomelon cake

82) Homemade Cocomelon Cake

easy cocomelon cake

83) Easy Cocomelon Cake for Girl

easy cocomelon cake

84) Homemade Ladybug Cocomelon Cake

easy cocomelon cake

85) Cocomelon Fondant Cake

As we are well aware that the fondant cake goes really well with the theme-based cake design. So here is the beautiful design for cocomelon fondant cake.

Easy and Simple Cocomelon Cake Ideas

Cocomelon Smash Cake Idea

86) Cocomelon smash cake

Cocomelon Smash Cake Idea

87) Cocomelon Number 3 Cake Design

88) Cocomelon Smash Cake with Topper 

cocomelon smash cake ideas

89) Cocomelon Smash Cake with Printable Topper 

cocomelon smash cake ideas

90) Green Cocomelon Cake for 3rd Birthday 

cocomelon smash cake ideas

91) Buttercream Cocomelon Cake

92) Watermelon Smash Cake

Cocomelon Smash Cake Idea

93) Cute Cocomelon Cake

94) Cocomelon Cake with Balloon Topper 

95) Cocomelon Cake All Family Topper Sticker  

Cocomelon Cake and Cupcake

96) Cocomelon Cake and Cupcakes

97) Cocomelon Cake and Green Cupcakes

98) Cocomelon Sprinkles Cake

99) Cocomelon Candy Cake

100) Cocomelon Name Cupcake 

101) Colorful Cocomelon Cupcake

Cocomelon Cake Topper Printable

102) Topper Cocomelon Cake for Girl

103) Charlie Cocomelon Birthday Cake 

104) Two Tier  Rainbow Cocmelon Cake  

105) 2 Tier Cocomelon Smash + Fondant Cake

106) Unique Topper Cocomelon Birthday Cake 

107) Cocomelon Cake for School Kid

108) Cocomelon Cake for Ollie 

109) Cocomelon Big Cake


110) Cocomelon Christmas-Based Birthday Cake 

111) Cocomelon Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake

112) Cocomelon cake for Armani 

113) Cocomelon Cake Chloe 

114) Family Cocomelon Cake  

easy cocomelon cake


Hope you have loved all the Cocomelon cake ideas and designs. Must share this list with your friends and try any of these at your home if you love baking.

You can also check out this Youtube Video guide to make cocomelon cake by yourself.

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