7 Common Types of Truck Freight


From transporting goods from one state or country to another almost every industry relies on truck freight services. No doubt, the process of transportation is almost the same for all, but each type of cargo requires a different type of truck freight. This makes it essential for the truck drivers as well as for the truck dispatchers to figure out which truck will turn out to be the best for a specific freight.

Those who join the Truck Dispatcher Training and Freight Broker Training programs usually do not have to deal with high stress and complications. The training makes it easy for them to improve the knowledge and skills that they must have to work as a professional truck dispatcher or freight broker.

When picking a type of truck freight, truck dispatchers have to make sure they are choosing the right one as per the cargo requirement. This makes it essential for them to have better knowledge of the common types of trucks and pay attention to different things that can help them choose the right type. Some common types of trucks that are usually used in the truck industry are listed below.

1) Flatbed

Flatbeds are one of the most popular truck. These are types of truck that are level and have an open trailer. These types of trucks have the ability to haul anything from airplanes to scaffolding. They include a trailer with no top or sides.

Flatbeds are usually used for transporting heavy and large items such as oversized loads (things that are over 8.5 feet wide), construction goods, and large/heavy manufactured parts. When using a Flatbed, truck drivers have to make sure they will add red flags and lights to the truck or goods so those on road can easily identify this oversized truck freight.

2) Liquid Tankers

Liquid tankers are only used for transporting liquid products. These are a type of trucks that are usually used to transport speciality liquids, such as cryogenic materials and gases. These type of truck freights are used to haul liquids of all types. From milk or wine to chemicals, and gasoline, they can be used for transporting a variety of things. Drivers who use these tankers have to be well-trained and professional because the center of gravity of these truck freights keeps changing constantly.

3) Reefer Trucks

Reefer Trucks are also popularly known as refrigerated trucks. These are a type of trucks that includes a trailer with special features to control the temperature. The use of these trucks turns out to be best for perishable items and medications that need good storage during transportation.

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The air conditioning system in specialized trailers of these truck freight helps to maintain a consistent temperature due to which the goods remain safe and perfect during transportation. These trucks can also be used in colder climates to prevent the freezing of the goods and maintain their temperature. They can also be used for transporting chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other hazmat materials such as Radioactive material, drugs for treatment, etc.

4) Less-Than-Load (LTL)

Less-Than-Load trucks also known as LTL are one of the most popular types of freight. These are moved by Trucks which also carry freight from multiple shippers.The items that are usually transported with the help of LTL range between 100 to 20,000 pounds. Less-Than-Load trucks are also considered cost-effective for both shippers and carriers.

5) Dry Bulk Tanker

As the name clears, Dry Bulk Tankers are a type of truck that is usually used to haul dry products. These are cylindrical trailers that are used to haul materials like powders, sand, grains, flour, sugar, etc. Many times these types of truck are also used for transporting construction materials.

Dry Bulk Tankers are preferred for a variety of reasons, but one thing that makes them unique is they can be used to haul only one thing in loose bulk. To use these types of trucks, drivers have to go through a special training program so they can avoid the mistakes that can cost them as well as others high.

6) Box Truck

A box truck is a type of truck that is known for its small size and is considered best for smaller or shorter deliveries. This type of truck is much smaller than many other types of truck and has a box-shaped cargo compartment which makes it unique. Their use turns out to be best for transporting household items, delivery packages, furniture delivery, food delivery, and much more.

7) Dry Vans

These are a type of truck that we all usually see at places like Target, Walmart, and larger grocery stores. These are a type of truck that includes a standard 53-foot trailer that is completely closed off to keep the goods protected from weather or external damage. From electronics to home goods, and products that don’t need any refrigeration, Dry vans are usually used for transporting a variety of things.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right type of truck to transport goods is a complicated process that needs high attention and the right knowledge. Joining special Truck Dispatcher Training and Freight Broker Training programs help Truck Dispatchers and Freight Brokers learn the best ways to pick the right trucks. The training program not only helps them with the truck selection but also makes them professional in their field.


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