Creating the Perfect Look to Impress Your Customers


It is so important to give your customers the right impression of you and your business. Even getting it slightly wrong could cost you the sale or a customer’s future orders.

Punctuality is a factor that must be adhered to, as well as the correct dress code, but there are other areas that can cause concern in customers’ eyes when it comes to placing orders, regardless of whether you are a small one-person business or employ a large number of people.

If you have a customer coming to you, then make sure that the office area they are going to see is clean, clear, and organized. If you are going to them, make sure that you have all that you need and that any hardware you are taking with you is well charged and ready to go. Here are some further tips on creating the perfect look and making a good first impression.

Getting the perfect company car

When trying to set the perfect image to impress your customers, it is a good idea to start with your company car. Turning up to a client’s address with an old rusty car that is in dire need of repair and looks like it is on its last legs is not a good impression to give. Instead, the best image you can portray is turning up in a well-presented, clean, shiny car that looks to be well cared for. You may feel that the very best image is to have a brand-new car straight off of the production line, but this is not so. If you cannot afford a brand-new car, then do not push yourself to get one. If you are particularly worried about the old registration plate, then purchase a personalized one. This can actually work better for your company image, especially if you are careful with the letters and numbers so that it spells or has the initials of your business.

There has never been a better time to purchase a second-hand vehicle. Most people think of the second-hand car trade as dealing only with vehicles that are years and years old, but this is not the case. Some reputable garages such as John Charles Auto Motor Group deal with much younger vehicles, and you may even find some on their site which have a 2020 registration plate.

Show off your business credentials

Another way to impress your customers is to show off your credentials, and those of your top employees. This will make your customers aware of the expert knowledge and superior services they will be getting when they sign up for products or services from your business.

If you have a fair few employees, it may be advisable to give support in their out-of-working hours training so you can show off their qualifications when they obtain them, too.

By bringing the quality and level of experience within your team to the attention of your customers and potential customers, you can make your business the go-to place for information. You can do this by asking these valuable members to use their knowledge to write articles for your website, and teaser articles with links back to your website on your social media profiles. This will gain the attention of the public eye and could give your business a professional edge over your competitors.


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