Decorating Your Cottage for Vacation? Here are 7 Tips!


Let’s create a special space where you can escape from everyday life by using the method of decorating the villa. Here are some of the best tips, so read on!

A vacation to unwind and unwind is the most awaited and favorite time for many. If you’re not sure how to decorate your vacation home, let’s find out how to decorate it now!

Whether your villa is by the sea, in the mountains, or in a small town, it is important to create an atmosphere for relaxation.

Here are some tips and ideas for making your vacation home feel cozy.

7 tips to decorate your home

The villa should be decorated as a space where everything is peaceful and harmonious, but also where you can get away from your busy life. To this end, you should not think of the cottage as just a place to store things and furniture that you no longer use in your home .

Most of the time, there is no set style for the villa. I don’t always care about decorating the space, and I tend to use it only to store things I don’t use anymore. However, it doesn’t feel like a vacation at all, and it doesn’t create an atmosphere for relaxation.

Here’s how to decorate your villa into a peaceful space for relaxation only.

1) Choose minimalism

Let’s decorate the villa into a minimal space. It is good to use some practical furniture and simple lines that do not disturb the flow of energy.

Furniture should be simple yet practical. For example, you can place a bench with storage space inside.

2) How to decorate your villa: let it feel natural

Holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy nature, so you should be able to breathe fresh air and see animals and plants up close even indoors. To do this, it is a good idea to leave a large window open so that you can see and smell the colors of the space outside.

Add double curtains to let in natural light through the windows. Translucent curtains that let in light and thick curtains that block the hot sun or bright light can be used together.

Another way to give a space a natural feel is to place plants. You don’t have to fill every space with flowerpots, but if you put one in the corner, you can use it as an interior decoration.

Don’t forget that plants can color a space, purify the air and create a special atmosphere.

3) Let in the natural light

A cottage with natural light has a positive effect on mood. When light enters the room through the window, it is energized and feels special.

In addition to good distribution of window positions, placing mirrors can also allow more light into the room. Also, light colors for walls, ceilings, and furniture will help achieve the desired effect of natural light.

4) How to decorate the villa: mix colors well

As mentioned earlier, the villa should mainly use bright colors. In particular, there is a tendency to often use white, which goes well with all colors.

If you want to add something to your space, choose furniture and upholstery, such as armchairs and cushions, in strong, vivid colors.

Fabrics such as blankets and rugs are also ways to add color to a space. Depending on the environment, choose a design that has an exotic, rustic feel, or is reminiscent of the sea.

5) Consider a beach design or a country design

All the tips introduced so far can be applied to any cottage, regardless of location. It is always fashionable to decorate villas by the seaside in white, blue, and sky blue.

Also, by arranging seashells, beach scenery, and sailing ornaments, you can convey the charm of the sea as it is.

If it is a cottage in the countryside or in the mountains, the trees will be very hard work. You can decorate it in a rustic style as a whole, or place vintage retro objects and furniture. In rural designs, pastels, ocher, browns, and oranges go well together.

6) Let’s decorate the outdoor space

Especially in summer vacation, you will spend a lot of time in the outdoor space, so it is good to decorate the outdoor space of the villa!

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Natural bright colors and natural objects are interior tips that never fail. In addition, it can create a comfortable atmosphere while harmonizing with the natural environment. Natural linen tablecloths, colorful cushions, bamboo furniture, sun lounges, and flower arrangements can be great decorations.

7) How to decorate your cottage: Use cool fabrics

It is important to use white fabrics made of cool, soft materials for both the bedroom and living room. Especially in the summer when you want to enjoy a vacation without getting tired from the heat, lighter materials are good.

In winter, decorate your armchair or bed with a hand-woven duvet blanket. A blanket that can also be used as an ornament can keep you warm while being cozy.

Always make a list

It is a good idea to first list all the places that need to be touched or repaired. Check if there are any areas that need repairs, such as furniture, decorations, walls, and ceilings.

Once you’ve written down your list, the first thing you need to do is choose the area you want to touch. This process is essential for budgeting expenditures.

Then, decide what style you want your villa to be decorated in. Want to create a modern feel? Or do you want to decorate with a classic or rustic feel? Everyone has their own charm points, so let’s think about it carefully!

Decorating a cottage requires a change of perspective

If you do not like the interior of the villa, it is better to change it one by one. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Changing a few details can transform a space into a completely different look.

Finally, let’s not forget that a vacation home is a place to relax. Let’s decorate it according to the purpose so that it becomes a space where you can relax and get away from everyday life.


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