Eat the Rich Meaning & How Its Evolved

Eat the Rich Meaning

How does the phrase “eat the rich” evolve?

Eat the rich Meaning

Eat the rich is an abbreviation in regards to staying connected to Jean-Jacques Rousseau. According to him “When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich”. Anyone having power can be referred to as “the rich”. This was the time of King Louis XVI. At this time monarchs were living a very luxurious life and a glamorous life while the common people over there have to struggle a lot to feed moldy bread to their families.

In France over 98 percent of the population belonged to the third state which was considered as the lowest class over there. A huge number of the population comes under the third state still they have almost zero representation among the government. After so many years of malnutrition, taxation, and famine the third state finally rises in 1789. The phrase “the rich” reemerged in the 21st century when inequality was growing rapidly.

Many types of research revealed that the income gap between the richer and poorer families has now become more than double. Since the beginning of the Covid-19, more than 185,000 people have died and around 40 million people have lost their jobs, and people under the poverty line have been suffering from higher mortality and unemployment rates where on the other side Jeff Bezos alone have earned dollar 23 billion. Due to these ongoing dynamics the phrase “eat the rich” has now re-emerged.

Why did this phrase “eat the rich re-emerged”?

Eat the rich Meaning

In today’s world, the phrase “eat the rich” is used in different political rallies and on different online platforms to raise voices against the inequality of wealth. The phrase is most commonly heard in many social movements and it is not only about the economic system but rather targets the power in general. Usually, a wealthy person flaunts his wealth and tries to make the other feel inferior and so this phrase is also used to show outrage to such wealthy individuals.

“Eat the rich” on Social Media:

Tiktok, Twitter, and on other social media sites the hashtag #eat the rich is very trending. On 14th September this hashtag alone had 185.3 million views. People suffering from class differences have also been taken out to the streets through many political protests and social acts. George Floyd died in Beverly Hills while chanting the slogan “eat the rich”. This slogan has also been used to show the fact that Black lives matter. It shows that “eat the rich” does not only cater to the cast differences but also the problem and power dynamics in the United States of America.

The slogan has been used in recent online movements that sought to strike at the wallet of the wealthy. During the GameStop short squeeze, calls to “Eat the rich” accompanied denunciations of the power of institutional investors and the desire to bankrupt the hedge funds that were shorting GME stocks. On Tiktok, “Eat the rich” accompanied a viral call to action that sought to decrease the follower count of celebrities and how much they were getting paid based on that following.

Where “eat the rich” can be used?

The slogan is also sometimes used in jest by those who are aware of the privilege of their economic status, especially compared to people who aren’t in developed countries. Though generally, the critic centers around extreme wealth and the corresponding political power that comes with it. Generally, it is associated with class warfare but in my opinion, it should be associated with those who are less privileged.

This phrase is used against those who are in power and holding accounts for those who are less fortunate. It can be seen in the protest held in Beverly Hills, “ eat the rich” gives the power to fight against racism, sexism, or any sort of injustice. After all, this is the complete meaning of social justice.

We all need to now think of this inequality of wealth and take some crucial steps to balance the situation. In my opinion, the phrase “eat the rich” will help to eliminate the difference between wealth and power.


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