FamilyTime-The Best Parental Control App


Being a parent in the age of the Internet can be very scary and intimidating. The most important responsibility of a parent is to protect their children from all sorts of evils lurking in the world. But, as a parent, how can you possibly ensure that your kids are safe from the threats associated with their digital lives? This is where the FamilyTime app comes in. It makes your job as a parent so much easier.

Features Offered by FamilyTime

FamilyTime is a parental control application that allows you to monitor your children’s activities on a daily basis and helps you steer them in the right direction as and when needed. Let’s take a closer look at what features it offers.

1) Blocking Apps

With this feature, you have full control over what apps your kids can install and use. You can block the apps on their devices that deem inappropriate to you.

2) Filtering Internet Websites

This feature allows you to filter all kinds of inappropriate websites, including images, videos, etc. that you don’t want your children to have access to.

3) SOS/Panic Button

The SOS/Panic Button feature is very special since it allows your kids to alert you in case they run into any kind of trouble. You can help your child in time and save yourself a world of pain.

4) Limiting Screen Time & Setting Schedules

Tired of telling your kids to put their devices down and concentrate on their work, chores, meals, etc.? Fret not. FamilyTime parental control not only allows you to set screen limits where the kids can only access devices for a particular number of hours/minutes, but it also helps you set device schedules. Using these schedule features, you can specify at what time your child can actually use the device.

5) Pausing Devices

This awesome feature is another bonus where you can pause your kids’ devices where they would not be able to use them for as long as you desire.

6) Monitoring Contacts

We live in an era where everyone is connected to everyone and anyone can approach your kids online. To help weed out strangers or any suspicious people from your kids’ lives, you can monitor their contacts by adding them to a watchlist. This helps you find out if and when a certain individual is trying to get in touch with your child.

7) Location Tracking & Geofencing

If you are always on the edge after sending your child out in the world not knowing where they are, FamilyTime has got your back. This app sends you periodic locations and you rest better knowing where your kid is. Not just that, its geofencing feature allows them to keep an eye on their movements especially if they enter places where they are not supposed to go.

8) TimeBank

This particular setting allows you to teach your child the importance of saving up. You can help your child understand that if they save up time on weekdays or during exams, they can later utilize that time during weekends or on holidays.

FamilyTime is a truly amazing application if you want your life as a parent made easier. It offers various packages at affordable rates and even allows you to use it for free if you want to test the waters before making a final decision.


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