Few Rules to Take a Perfect Mirror Selfie


Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” –Elizabeth Gilbert

There really isn’t a perfect way to take a perfect mirror selfie, but the right angle and a few tricks can definitely make it 100% better. Whether you want to share that “fresh out of the gym” look, maybe that fancy blazer you bought, or you’re just feeling extra good, mirror selfies have become a tradition and the skill should be mastered.

We’ve put together a few easy techniques if you want to take more selfies or improve your technique.

Rule #1: Keep Mirrors clean

It goes without saying: the quickest way to divert attention from your beautiful face is with a dirty mirror.

Before striking a pose and snapping that perfect mirror selfie, grab some Windex or glass cleaner and clean the mirror. Make sure your mirror looks as beautiful and reflective as you do.

Rule #2: Pose!

Finding the pose that best suits your body type is easier said than done. You’ll have to experiment and try different body angles until it becomes a vital question… But that shouldn’t stop you from finding your signature pose. It’s really worth it if you want your selfies to look stunning!

Adopt a posture that shows you at your best. Below we’ve listed some poses to get you started, but remember, there’s no harm in trying thousands of poses before you find the one that suits you best:

Full Body Mirror Selfie: If you want to show off your new outfit or the hard work you’ve put into the gym, this can be a great look! Try standing with one leg straight and a pointed toe to give the image of a longer body, or cross-legged to accentuate your hips and curves. You can also stand sideways to give the illusion of a bigger butt.

Sitting on the floor: This is another popular option for capturing the perfect mirror selfie. As you stay on the floor, make sure you sit up straight and focus on your posture. In the seated position, it’s easy to look slouched or hunched over, and that’s never a good look! Keep your body stretched and make sure you show off the best parts of your outfit.

Rule #3: Relax and look at your own selfie pose

Looking directly at how your pictures will turn out can make a photo good or bad. Many people neglect this easy rule and ruin their pose.

When you’re relaxed and confident, you can play around and have fun with your selfie. You can emphasize your body features by taking pictures at different distances to emphasize your height. One angle people love is putting one foot in front of the other and flexing your toes. This will make your legs thinner and longer, but if you’re sitting on the floor, squat down and put one knee on the floor for a slightly bolder look.

Once you’ve found your pose and like how you look, take as many pictures as you want and post the best ones.

Rule #4: Natural light

Although the most common mirror selfies are taken in a bedroom or bathroom, natural light is best for all photos. The sun makes your skin look rosy and happy, and the whole selfie gets a more vivid feel.

If the sun isn’t cooperating on your selfie day, get creative and use artificial light that’s similar to natural. For example, warm lamps with yellow bulbs can produce the same effect as natural light as opposed to hard white or fluorescent bulbs.

Rule #5: Pay attention to the background

The point of the mirror selfie is to show something extra well, be it your body, an accessory, or a new outfit. If the background is too dominant, it can distract from the main focus of your photo.

We recommend removing any unnecessary or cluttered items, including colorful furniture, cluttered closet, or school supplies. Instead, replace them with simple minimal things, like plants or solid color furniture.


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