Fitness Tales: Misconceptions & Myths Faced By A Beginner


Over the past few years, the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles has grown significantly. Perhaps this is the most useful propaganda of people for all times and eras, because many began to seriously monitor their health and physical fitness.

Not only young people strive for a beautiful body, but also the older generation, which is very positive. However, the more popular the sport becomes, the more questions and misconceptions arise. We want to tel After an intense workout, muscles do not hurt, which means you did the wrong thing

Fitness Myths Debunked

There are several reasons why many people do not have muscle soreness after exercise:

  1. You constantly train the same muscle group, they get used to the load, so there is no pain after the session. If you are into bodybuilding, do check Research Peptides.
  1. You are accustomed to the weight with which you are training and have become more enduring, you need to move to a more advanced level of load.
  1. Painful sensations indicate that you have received microtrauma of muscle fibers, this does not show the effectiveness of the exercise.

Stretching after exercise reduces muscle pain

Stretching will not relieve muscle pain. With it, you can relax your muscles and not “pump”. Many, especially women, are faced with the fact that during training, the legs pump up on the gluteus muscle, so stretching works well after exercise so as not to overdo it and maintain femininity.

The training should be long

Classes should be productive! You can spend a whole day at the gym doing long breaks and then brag to your friends about how much time you spend in the gym, but that doesn’t mean you will get good results. Work out at a moderate pace and do not waste time.

The more often I train, the faster the result will be.

You do not need to do daily exercises, because the muscles do not have time to recover. For a good result, training should be carried out every 2-3 days in case you prefer to train with heavyweights. If you have a more “light” workout, then it will take only 24 hours for the body to recover.

Girls get courageous

Women a priori cannot “pump”, because the musculature is not as developed as that of men. The hormone testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, which in the female body is 10 times less than in the male (there are exceptions, you need to check with a doctor). Based on this, if you do not use any harmful additives and steroids, then it will be very difficult to become a jock woman.

If you exercise, you can eat whatever you want.

Many people mistakenly believe that you can eat whatever your heart desires, but at the same time do not exceed the rate of kcal, then you can lose weight. Remember, this is the biggest self-deception! Fat is deposited not only by the number of calories, but also by the composition of the food. You are more likely to gain weight from one hamburger than from 5 meals a day with breast and buckwheat.

Download someone else’s training schedule on the Internet

Guys, do not forget that we are all individuals and each organism needs its own approach. If you decide to take care of your body, then find out more information about the right workouts. At least once a month, make a lesson plan that will greatly facilitate the question “What to swing, legs or back?” At the same time, try to alternate activities that will target different muscle groups and will not be repeated.

The total will be visible on the scales

Another Fitness Myths Debunked. It is worth noting that with intense training, muscles are actively working, and fat is burned, but at the same time the figure on the scales can increase significantly. No, in no way does this mean that training is not effective, just the volume of the muscles is heavier than the same amount of fat. Therefore, you need to check the results of training not with the help of weights, but with the help of a measuring tape. Moreover, the scales can show different weights in the morning and in the evening. As we know, the weight is more in the evening than in the morning, because during the day there were meals and water.

We hope that we have dispelled some of the myths about fitness, so we wish all sports lovers great results during their workouts!


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