Foods You Shouldn’t Eat at Night


If you eat the foods introduced in this article at night, the quality of sleep deteriorates. There is also the risk of acid reflux or digestive problems.

Are there any foods you shouldn’t eat at night? Dinner is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped or eaten unhealthy. Of course, it is better to eat something lighter than breakfast or lunch, but you must take it with you. This allows our body to function properly while resting.

In fact, the nutrients we eat throughout the day affect the quality of our sleep and digestion, as well as our physical and mental health the next day. However, the problem is that many people do not know which foods are good to eat. This can lead to a number of negative problems.

If you’re hungry before going to bed, you think you can eat anything. However, the food we eat affects our metabolism and digestion. So, what foods should you eat or shouldn’t you eat?

From now on, we will share the foods you should not eat at night. Let’s read carefully what kind of food corresponds to.

1) Pasta

I’m not talking about quitting pasta. Since it is a source of carbohydrates, it can be eaten during the day when you are active. It means it’s okay to eat pasta for lunch.

However, eating pasta in the evening can make you feel uncomfortable. And you may not be able to rest comfortably because of this. At the same time, they are quite high in calories, which affects metabolism and weight.

2) Ice Cream

In fact, eating ice cream in the evening or at night is undesirable. Of course, they are cool and delicious, but they contain saturated fats and sugars, which can adversely affect your weight and sleep quality.

Eating ice cream at night affects digestion. As a result, the abdomen is bloated and the nervous system is stimulated.

Eating ice cream at night can cause acid reflux and raise your glucose levels, making it difficult to rest comfortably.

3) Cheese

Before going to bed, you should not eat cheese, of course, foods containing cheese. It’s not harmful, but it can cause a feeling of heaviness in your stomach and can cause sleep problems.

Cheese contains a compound called ‘tyramine’, which reduces the production of the hormone that regulates sleep.

Because the fat in cheese is difficult to digest, there is also the risk of an inflammatory reaction in the stomach.

4) Spicy Seasoned Foods

It tastes really good if you eat it with spices or salsa sauce on everything. Of course, these aren’t bad, but it’s better to eat them for breakfast or lunch than dinner.

Spicy foods irritate the gastric mucosa. This increases the risk of acid reflux or digestive problems.

Eating these while sleeping can cause acid reflux, heartburn, and abdominal pain.

5) Cauliflower

This vegetable is healthy, low-calorie food. However, eating at night is not recommended. This is because it contains substances that generate gas.

Consuming cauliflower at dinner or a few hours before bed can cause digestive problems. This is because they contain a lot of fat and are high in calories. In fact, cauliflower is known to improve cognitive and emotional health.

This food contains ingredients that stimulate the nervous system and activate the brain.

It gives you energy and makes it difficult to sleep. This means that you may have insomnia.

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6) Meat and processed meats

Regardless of when you eat meat or processed meat, you should only eat it in moderation. Although it contains nutrients, it is not considered a healthy food because of its high saturated fat content and added chemicals.

Eating these foods before bed is a really big mistake. The protein in these foods is poorly digested, which can lead to sleep problems.

They are high in calories and slow down your metabolism, which can lead to obesity.

To prevent digestive disorders and to rest without interruption, it is best to eat light, low-calorie foods in the evening. A well-balanced and healthy dinner is the key to well-being.


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