A Special Experience From Being a Mother to a Grandmother


When you first hear the news that you are going to be a grandmother, a new and exciting adventure begins now.

Another very important role, of course, as a mother

Becoming a grandmother does not mean that your role as a mother is no longer over.

If so, what exactly does being a grandmother change and what do you need to do to take on a new role?

The moment you become a grandmother for the first time

Becoming a grandmother for the first time is an unforgettable experience in a woman’s life. You will have more grandchildren in your lifetime. And adding a new family will always be exciting and happy.

The moment the role changes for the first time and becomes a new adventure

Waiting for your first grandchild can be both very exciting and also terrifying. The most important thing for a novice grandmother who is going from being a mother to a grandmother for the first time is adjusting to a new role.

A mother’s role must be different from that needed for a young child

There is a famous saying, “Parents discipline and grandparents spoil their children.” It’s not always true, but one thing is true here. Being her grandmother is not playing the role of a mother again.

A grandmother’s role is to safely guide her grandchildren’s enjoyable adventures.

The second experience of “becoming a mother”

You will have the opportunity to feel the special feelings and experiences that mothers experience without too much responsibility.

It is an opportunity to relive and rediscover special moments. As a mother, she is reliving the moments she didn’t enjoy properly because of too many worries and obligations.

Enjoy being a Grandma

The grandmother plays a very important role in the life of the grandchild. Her grandmother becomes an irresistible influence, more or less, on her newly born family.

If you want to fully enjoy the role of a grandmother, you must first respect and understand your parenting style.

“Even if you don’t agree, you should respect your parents’ decisions.”

The grandmother already has experience as a mother and has learned a lot from that experience.

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Naturally, from the perspective of an experienced person, you will want to help new mothers and share their knowledge so that they do not repeat the mistakes they made.

That advice can be very valuable, but it is very important to know when you need it.

Offer help and advice, but respect the parent’s decision. The same is true no matter how different your opinion is. Efforts should be made to create a calm and supportive family atmosphere where new parents can help their children raise their children and have a comfortable and enjoyable time with their grandchildren.

Grandma’s duty

Not all grandmothers have to make sweets or knit for their grandchildren. Everyone has their own abilities and values. You have to decide for yourself what kind of grandmother you want to become based on your values ​​and abilities.

A grandmother’s job is to pass on her precious values ​​to her grandchildren.

Helping children discover the world and learn about themselves through their own experiences. Be by your side so that you can fully enjoy all the hard times, adventures and uncontrollable emotions your child experiences in life.

They give you strength, give you advice, and pass on the wisdom you’ve learned throughout your life. That is her grandmother’s role. While leading her grandchildren, her grandmother will also be able to learn new things and enjoy them.


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