Get Prepared for the Autumn and Winter!


It’s autumn. Time to ditch your crop tops and swap your bikini for a comfy onesie. Now that hanging out on a terrace is getting a bit too cold, the warmth of your own home is enticing. Staying at home is of course the best when your home radiates coziness and warmth. In this article, you will find tips to prepare your house for autumn and winter.

While fresh colors are popular in spring or summer, autumn calls for something warmer. Think of colors such as aubergine, red, chestnut, but also shades of green, orange, and yellow. Nice colors, but my friend would hurt me if we gave the walls a new color every season. Fortunately, there are also a lot of easy (and cheap) tips.


In the autumn and winter months, heat plays a major role in living comfort. You can of course set your heating to the Bahamas, but that will not make you happy with the annual settlement. Beautiful plaids, candles, and pillows are the somewhat cheaper variant. It not only looks nice in your interior, but it also helps you to stay warm.

Bring nature into your home

No season can match summer for me. Just give me the beach, sea, sun and light clothes. Preferably all year long. Still, I think autumn is the most beautiful season in terms of nature. Red / yellow leaves on the trees (and on the ground), chestnuts, an autumn sun, branches and mushrooms.

Do you like this too? You can bring nature into your home with a beautiful item from nature. Think of a small stump, wooden accessories, a branch or chestnuts. Just make sure you buy this item from a store, or pick it up off the ground. Nature has to last even longer.

Plants and flowers also bring atmosphere to the house. Just don’t make it too bright, so you avoid waking up in a real jungle. Place two small plants, such as cacti, on your windowsill and place larger plants in a nice spot on the floor. If like us, you have pets that find it a sport to attack all plants, you can of course also place them a little higher. For example in a cupboard or on a shelf.


The autumn and winter months are not only cold, but also dark. Therefore, to prevent a winter dip, ensure that there is sufficient light in the house. Candles, lamps, string lights… You name it!

Tidying up and cleaning

However you get used to it, a house will not be cozy if it is a huge mess. So make sure you set aside a day to clean your house from top to bottom. You can of course also divide this over several days. When you have thoroughly cleaned your house, it is also much easier to keep track of. This way you can enjoy your cozy home to the fullest without falling over the boxers, closet toys and clothing items lying around.

Autumn accessories

If you don’t feel like adjusting your entire interior, you can also choose to do this through accessories. Choose a copper vase, beautiful wooden accessories, a warm rug or a new lamp. This will give your house a new and autumn-like twist, but you will not have to spend too much money on it.


The smell also plays a major role in the coziness of your home. For example, houses sell faster if there is a smell of apple pie. Where summer calls for fresh and lemony scents, it can be a bit heavier in autumn and winter. Think vanilla, licorice, forest, and apple pie.


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