Have You Tried A Bong with Percolator Yet?


The glass contraption in the smoke shop’s back room seems like it goes in the lab of a mad scientist. There are all arrays of glass tubing, some directly from your chemistry lab it would seem. Sometimes it may be difficult to fully understand everything and the manner in which everything works.

The bulk of smoking glass, fortunately, is self-explanatory. A hand bowl or a one-hitter, after all, do not actually provide much. On the other hand, the percolator bong baffles many folks. At first glance, a perc could resemble a run of the mill water pipe. On closer inspection, it becomes evident this glass is more complex, and there are a number of pieces and components within.

A percolator: What is it?

A more modern style of the usual water pipe is the percolator bong. Their inclusion of diffusers intended to filter out, then temper the smoke gives them their name. Percolators, often known as percs, are diffusers that compress the smoke, creating numerous small bubbles, improving the smoking experience.

All percolators increase water purification of the chambered smoke, leading to a much cooler, and more pleasurable session. They are available in a broad variety of designs that incorporate various diffusion processes. If you’re interested in seeing some, look at some of the designs that freeze pipe percolator bongs have to offer. There is undoubtedly science involved in that process.

What is a Percolator’s Mechanism?

Each and every water pipe design performs the same way. When the user inhales, smoke is driven through liquid, which causes bubbles to form in the water-filled compartment. The smoke’s surface area is increased by these air bubbles, which reduces and filters the smoke.

Percolator bongs advance this technology by adding more bubbles through a variety of aeration and diffusion mechanisms. More bubbles enhance the surface area of the smoke. Better filtration and more smooth bong hits are further benefits of increased surface area.

Kinds of Percolators

There are several sizes and designs of percolator bongs. Some are made with a single, straightforward diffuser, while others have many, intricate percs. Additionally, some patterns are priceless pieces of glass blown art that may fetch hundreds at head shops.

There are also other, more typical perc bong kinds instead of those museum exhibits.

Matrix Percolator

A spherical glass featuring rows of tiny holes arranged in a pattern is called a matrix percolator, which is additionally known by the term stereo perc. These perforations allow the smoke to pass through when it is inhaled, filling the liquid chamber and bubbling all around.

Matrix percs may sometimes be stacked immediately upon each other to create lots more bubbles, which will create an easier smoking experience.

Percolator Inline

An inline perc bong includes a glass tube with many holes that runs horizontally down the measurement of its water chamber. Like the family of percolator bongs, the chambered smoke is pushed through these apertures, creating plenty of tiny bubbles as a result. Inline percolators are widely utilized with different percolator configurations.

Tree Percolator

Glass rods (limbs), as the percs name implies, grow from the center tube (trunk) in tree percolators. Smoke descends between the limbs and throughout what is considered the trunk of the tree. As incoming smoke is driven into the liquid chamber, tiny perforations towards the bottom in these rods produce a lot of bubbles.

This dispersion is maximized by using any tree percolator layout with more limbs.

Showerhead Percolator

Showerhead percs have quite straightforward designs. They have a straight tube which has a flared bottom part that resembles a shower in a bathroom. When the user inhales, a number of slits positioned around the “showerhead” push the emissions or vapor creating bubbles. Click here to read more on the showerhead design these percolators are modeled after.

Percolators of the showerhead type are typically used in conjunction with other kinds of diffusers.

Fritted Disc Perc

In this variety of perc, the fritted discs are made from glass that is crushed, then formed into filters that force the subsequent smoke into thousands or millions of bubbles. This procedure increases the smoke or vapor’s surface area, screening and chilling it as smoke flows through the water, just like other percolator bongs.

Increased diffusion can be achieved by stacking several fritted discs.

Regular vs. Percolator Bong

Think about how a normal bong functions. A bowl with a tube linking it to a water chamber that is completely enclosed is used to hold the smoking material. Smoke from the burned substance is driven down the line towards the water space, where it creates bubbles, when the individual inhales via the mouthpiece.

The area of the surface of the bubbles allows the smoke to be cooled and filtered as they go through the water. The single aperture at the base of the down stem of the traditional, normal type bong produces few, somewhat big bubbles with little surface area.

On the other hand, compared to normal water pipes, a percolator bong produces a lot tinier bubbles with a lot more surface area. Greater bubbles equal greater surface area enabling the smoke to go through filtering as well as cool, as we have seen. And who does not enjoy a bong hit that is smoother?

Percolator bongs: Pros and Cons

It is crucial to comprehend both the advantages and any drawbacks of percolator bongs before purchasing one:


  • Percolator bongs provide a cooler, cleaner, and quieter smoking experience as compared to conventional pipes without diffusion techniques.
  • Perc bongs have been demonstrated in studies to assist in filtering and trapping heavy particles which might be harmful to the lungs.
  • Because percolators (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/percolator) let you take larger, more prevalent doses, some users claim they provide a more powerful smoking experience.


  • Perc bongs might be more difficult to clean than simpler glass objects because of their sophisticated internal components.
  • Percolator bongs are often less portable than other glass smoking instruments due to their intricate construction.
  • Percolators produce opposition. Some people can find it challenging to breathe through these gadgets, particularly percs with many diffusers.


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