Here is How to Support Fellow Writers the Right Way

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Your support can help fellow writers achieve their writing goals faster. Supporting a writer will also allow you to overcome your writing challenges. If you have got some free time and want to help a writer, here are some of the things you can do – keep reading!

1) Join Writing Communities

One of the best ways you can help fellow writers is by listening to their challenges and offering valuable advice. You can meet writers who want valuable advice through social channels or local community centers.

Make sure you listen patiently to the problems a writer is struggling with and help them however you can.

2) Offer Designing Help

Keep in mind that readers do judge a book by its cover. A book must have an amazing cover and great typesetting to captivate readers. If you want to help a fellow writer sell more copies of their book, you should consider helping them by handling their book designing tasks.

You can learn how to design a book cover with the help of online resources. Learning the art of book cover designing will also help you handle your design needs yourself in the future.

3) Help Them with Research

A writer will find it difficult to write better and faster if they have to do research on a ton of topics before writing. To help a writer save time, you can aid them by doing research on their behalf and presenting your findings in a digestible.

Make sure you use the internet the way you want by following the best practices of online research to save your time and effort and gather reliable information for the writer.

4) Become an Accountability Partner

Sticking to the goals is the most important thing for a writer. If you know a writer who really wants to get published but doesn’t have the discipline to achieve their goals, you can help them by becoming their accountability partner.

Set achievable goals for the writer you work with, and make sure you assist them whenever needed so they can easily achieve their goals.

5) Compare Publishing Houses for a Writer

Getting a book published can prove to be a difficult task for a writer. If you know a writer who is worried about making the right publishing decision, you can help them by comparing different publishing house and their publishing guidelines.

6) Collaborate On Writing Projects

Collaboration is something that can benefit you and the other writer simultaneously. If possible, you can collaborate on a writing project so you both can help each other and succeed in writing something that people love to read.

7) Share Tech Tools

Having access to tech tools can help a writer save a lot of time. You can help fellow writers save a lot of time and effort by helping them use the right tech tools. Some of the writing tools that can benefit any writer include:

  • Ulysses
  • Evernote
  • LibreOffice
  • Hemingway Editor

You can help a writer use any of the tools mentioned above to help them achieve their writing goals faster.

8) Write Reviews of Writers

Positive reviews can help a writer build positive rapport over time. By posting reviews of the works of a writer, you can help them build a strong presence online and ultimately enable them to sell more copies of their books.

Make sure you leave reviews of your favorite writers on all digital platforms so they can get the recognition they deserve.

9) Endorse Fellow Writers

You can help a writer get more readers by endorsing them on your blog, social account, or your email list. Positive endorsements will help them get discovered. Besides that, endorsing fellow writers will show that you are active in the writing circles and know about the upcoming writers.

When giving endorsements, make sure you don’t use “fake praise” and don’t shy away from giving constructive feedback.

10) Help a Writer Arrange an Event

Online events can help a writer showcase their work to wider audiences. By helping a writer arrange a persuasive event online, you will enable them to sell more copies of their books in a short time. Invite the people you know to join the online event so the writer can benefit from your network.

11) Invite a Writer to Your Podcast

You can invite a fellow writer to your podcast to ensure that they can get access to your readership. When choosing the script for the podcast, make sure you get feedback from the guest writer so you can hold a discussion that your readers find interesting.

12) Help a Writer Publish Videos

Engaging videos can help a writer build a strong presence online and also help them get discovered through search engines. If a writer doesn’t know how to record, edit, and publish videos, you can help them by handling these tasks and publishing videos on their channel.

13) Build a Website for a Writer

Having a website can help a writer show that they are serious about their craft and want to have a strong online presence. A writer who doesn’t have technical skills and cannot afford to hire a web developer can find it difficult to have a website.

You can help such writers in need by offering to build their websites for free. Use WordPress or any other easy-to-use platform to develop amazing websites easily.

14) Help a Writer Manage Social Media

A good social presence can help a writer sell more copies of their book. If you know a writer who doesn’t know how to handle social media, you can manage their social accounts to help them build a strong personal brand online.

Consider using free content creation and social media management tools if you don’t have access to premium tools.

15) Mentor Novice Writers

Newbie writers can excel faster if they are taken under the wing of a skilled writer. If you know a novice writer who needs mentorship, you should offer your helping hand to ensure they can achieve their writing goals faster.

Make sure you don’t act harshly with writers you mentor but still make them follow a routine to keep them accountable.


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