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Everyone decides what is clean. This is exactly the problem when several people live under one roof. It is, therefore, worthwhile to agree on rules and assign tasks. This is easy on the nerves and keeps the cleaning effort within limits. These rules help to make everyone say: A little household is not a problem. This is how you get the budget under control

To avoid friction in terms of cleanliness, you should agree with your family on one of these models:

  • The apartment makes a clean impression.

You agree how clean the apartment has to be so that everyone can feel comfortable. It is cleaned when this level of cleanliness is not reached.

  • The apartment is cleaned regularly.

You agree on a binding plan. According to a fixed scheme, all areas of the apartment are cleaned regularly.

  • The apartment also shines in the corners.

Cleaning and hygiene are important to you. They regularly check whether this is still the case and clean immediately if necessary.

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Important: The level of cleanliness and order must also match the current living situation. A household with children has different standards than a household of working adults who are rarely actually at home.

In order to keep the effort when cleaning within limits, you should adhere to these basic rules:

Everything has its place

Life becomes easier when objects have a dedicated place. Get into the habit of putting every used item back in its place. This way, you won’t even be tempted to leave household utensils lying around somewhere and have to look for them the next time. This also applies to shoes, keys, coats and anoraks as well as the toys in the children’s room.

Supplies make cleaning easier

When the last drop of cleaning agent has been used, the last rubbish bag has been inserted or the roll of cling film is running out, supplies must be ensured. Only now to write the product on the shopping list tears gaps in work processes. Therefore: Stock up on the products that you need regularly and decide how much they should be put back on the shopping list.

Order instead of chaos in the kitchen

The enemy of order in the kitchen is post-cooking chaos. It helps immensely to keep an eye on while cooking: Do I still need the items I have used? If not, set aside for washing or put directly in the dishwasher. If so, lay them down so that they can continue to be used. Important: rubbish belongs directly in the rubbish! And after cooking: In addition to the dishes that have been used, clean all surfaces that have been worked on. Important: don’t forget the oven!

Baths need daily maintenance

Limescale stains and deposits in the bathroom quickly make thorough cleaning very time-consuming. That is why you should clean the bathroom daily. Rinse the shower cubicle or bathtub after use and dry the ceramic surfaces with a sponge or cloth. This will prevent limescale stains and mold. Do the same with the washbasin: after washing or brushing your teeth, simply wipe through with the sponge cloth. You should clean the toilet with the brush after each use. You can also add a wax burner to your bathroom to enhance its fragrance. And very important: a reliable rhythm in which you clean more thoroughly on a regular basis.

When you have a macerating toilet to complete your full bath, then you don’t really have a lot to do aside from cleaning it regularly and changing the pump every 10 to 15 years. That’s the average lifespan of the pump used by the toilet. However, you need to turn off the macerating pump first before you decide to clean that part. Other than that, it is cleaned like any other traditional toilet. The tricky part is when there is a blockage because you’ll have to open the unit itself.


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