Home Staging Tips to Sell your House Quick


The real estate business looked for partners at home to accelerate property sales. Home staging focuses on furnishing your residence in the best possible way to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Home staging consists of a clean house that is not overly furnished and decorated rather than a messy building. The concept of home staging, which is pleasing to the eye and radiates better energy, is, as its Spanish translation suggests, a ‘staging’ that attracts attention and has a great influence on final business decisions.

This technique is constantly being updated as real estate agents apply more and more ideas to successful home staging. Let’s find out more.

Home Staging Definition and How it Affects the Real Estate Market

The ‘European Institute of Business Studies’ describes home staging as a marketing strategy to sell in less time and at the best price. To achieve the effect that prospective buyers consider all the possibilities of the house, you can simulate decorations, sometimes even cardboard, without investing in new furniture.

The real estate agent who invented home staging was Bob Schwarz, and the trend gradually spread around the world. Instead of involving profound changes, you can present your home in its best condition by adding an object or detail to it.

The effectiveness of home staging was reviewed in the Deco Academy study, which found that 83% of other real estate clients recognized the effectiveness of the technique. Meanwhile, 17% of the real estate sellers interviewed confirmed that home staging increased the value of their property sales by 6% to 10%.

Home staging aims to be a neutral environment and buyers can step in if they wish.

Home Staging Advantages

This strategy can also be applied to offices, shops, and new or used homes. The goal is always the same, and the budget varies depending on the preparation.

It also offers the following advantages:

  • Speed up transactions;
  • Reduce negotiation points.
  • Real estate prices rise
  • There is no need to spend money on major renovations.
  • Buying interest increases the number of visits.

Home staging also serves to take pictures to illustrate sales advertisements.

Home Staging Recommended Techniques

For home staging success, the most important thing is to rely on professional services for the matter. In addition to decorating your home with a cozy atmosphere, experts also create publicity proposals for networks, websites, newspapers, and other information media.

And you can rely on your knowledge of interiors and apply philosophies like Feng Shui . I’ll talk more about home staging techniques next time.

Tidying up

As noted by ‘Architectural Digest‘, physical order conveys peace, comfort, and well-being and influences thoughts and emotions. Not having a lot of stuff indoors to let the energy flow helps sales.

Professionals prefer to use as few items as possible rather than making the house feel full.

Organizing your home gives you a better understanding of the space, so you can arrange your furniture more efficiently and beautifully.


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Great cleaning is essential. Do not show your house without proper maintenance. When a house is tidy, it looks better and visitors feel comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to live in a nice place?

Minor Repairing

If there is a place that needs repair, let’s fix it in advance.

Paint walls and balconies, and inspect doors, windows, and drawers for blemishes or malfunctions. Check the condition of carpets and curtains and fix any areas that need repair.

In general, most buyers are looking for a house they can move into without much work. In conclusion, the fewer places to repair, the more likely it is to sell.

Don’t personalize

Personalization is forbidden in home staging. Keep the owner’s personal items, such as photos, paintings, and jewelry, out of sight.

Use neutral, unobtrusive décor to make it easier for the new owners to imagine living in the place.

Neutral décor that does not place personal photos or family objects is helpful for home staging.

Affordable yet practical furniture choices

It is also possible to find rental furniture for home staging purposes without having to spend money on luxurious and expensive furniture. Potential buyers can see how the furniture will be arranged inside the new house.

What to avoid in home staging

You don’t have to buy expensive things, but you also shouldn’t leave your room to save money. Buyers have a better understanding of the space in relation to the interior and always prepare the space.

You can sell your home in less time if you work with professionals. Want to give home staging a try?


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