How Color Can Affect your Mood


Color can affect mood. According to color therapy, orange not only boosts energy levels but also increases blood flow to the brain, which aids in intellectual activity.

When we look at an object, a wave of reflected light passes through the cornea and stimulates retinal cells. When a cell is stimulated by light, it transmits a message through the optic nerve.

These images can be interpreted in the light of experience or relate to past experiences.

Through this process, we can see a world full of colors and images that convey a variety of emotions. Let’s take a closer look at how color affects mood.

How Color Affects Mood

1) Red

Because it is an eye-catching color, it is used in various traffic signs around the world.

In Spain in the 18th century, red and yellow were chosen as the national flag colors so that the flag could be recognized from a distance and not mistaken for another flag.

Red Can Promote Strong Physical and Emotional Responses

People associate red with excitement

2) Yellow

Yellow is the most difficult color for the human eye and brain to read, so having too much yellow in a particular space can cause nausea or headaches.

The yellow color helps in intellectual activity and can increase muscle energy.

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Yellow is a color that can increase concentration, so many notebooks used when studying contain yellow.

3) Blue

Blue is a color that conveys a sense of calm, comfort, and professionalism.

On the other hand, if you feel blue as a cold and apathetic color, it can provoke feelings of sadness. Physiologically, exposure to blue has been shown to decrease metabolism and cause pulse and respiration rates to fall below normal.

4) Green

It is the easiest color to identify with the eye.

Green conveys confidence, peace, security, and control.

5) Orange

Orange combines the strength and energy of red with the friendliness and fun of yellow. Orange is the color used to improve lung function and increase energy levels.

6) Brown

This color is associated with warmth, and comfort, and helps you feel at peace and gain confidence. The color brown also symbolizes reliability and honesty.

7) White, the purest color

White is clean, simple, and pure. Also, it is a color associated with neatness.

If you want to gain more trust from people, it is better to wear white clothes.


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