From the Field to the Kitchen: How Peyton Manning is Revolutionizing Gameday Snacks with Bush’s Baked Beans


Nothing turns a football game into an unforgettable gameday like Bush’s Baked Beans. But what if legendary Quarterback Peyton Manning joined your tailgate or BBQ the next time you opened a can of Bush’s? Now, fans can enjoy America’s favorite baked beans with America’s Quarterback with a Bush’s Baked Beans’ limited edition talking can opener, “Peyton Canning.”

Peyton Canning isn’t an average can opener. Every time it cracks open a can of Bush’s, it plays an inspiring bean-related quip from Peyton Manning. Peyton’s bean-isms include “When you come to a fork in the road, pick it up, and eat some beans with it,” and “Imagine the beautiful bean possibilities.” Peyton Canning comes loaded with a total of 8 catchphrases.

Peyton Canning makes the perfect gameday accessory for any BBQ or buffet. Its hardy handles provide a confident grip, and its large football-shaped crank makes it easier than ever to dig into those beautiful beans.

“The most inspiring way to open and enjoy a can of Bush’s Beans has arrived,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at Bush’s, Stephen Palacios. “A can opener with the voice of Peyton Manning at the push of a button will ensure fandoms across the country are fueled for gameday.”

Opening a can of Bush’s Baked Beans has always been a gameday tradition. Now, thanks to Peyton Manning’s inspiring legume lessons, football fans can enjoy an extra helping of encouragement (and protein) to cheer their team on to victory.

Fans can get their hands on a Peyton Canning at while supplies last.

Peyton Canning is just one aspect of an ongoing partnership between Bush’s Baked Beans and Omaha Productions, a sports media company founded by Peyton Manning and media exec Jamie Horowitz. Omaha Productions has created a series of successful ads for Bush’s, all of which feature Peyton Manning, a self-proclaimed lover of A.J. Bush’s Secret Family Recipe and a personal confidant of Duke the Dog.

Peyton Manning expressed his excitement at being a Bush’s Ambassador and at having the opportunity to make can-opener cameos at football fans’ homes across America.

“One of the great things about working with the Bush’s team is their sense of humor, and I think this can opener really gets that across,” said Peyton Manning. “I am sure this is going to liven up the kitchen as families make their favorite gameday dishes.”

Bush’s Baked Beans’ humorous ads featuring Jay Bush and Duke the Dog have won the hearts of Americans for a generation. Peyton Manning’s iconic status as one of America’s greatest-ever quarterbacks and his dad-like sense of humor made the two a perfect fit.

Apart from its partnership with Bush’s Baked Beans, Omaha Productions is behind some of the most successful ads, sports programs, and podcasts today. Co-founders Jamie Horowitz and Peyton Manning have created hits like the Netflix docuseries Quarterback and ESPN2’s Emmy award-winning ManningCast with Peyton & Eli. Omaha Productions has also produced successful ad campaigns for several brands, including Graduate Hotels and King’s Hawaiian.

Despite being a young company (founded in 2020), Omaha Productions has grown rapidly, with analysts expecting a valuation of $1 billion in the near future. This is largely thanks to the production experience of Jamie Horowitz, who has developed some of the most iconic sports entertainment shows of the past two decades, including First Take, Numbers Never Lie, and SportsNation. Combined with Peyton Manning’s drive and NFL clout, Omaha Productions’ innovative programming has struck a chord with sports fans around the country.

Omaha Productions and Jamie Horowitz understand the content that NFL fans love. And Bush’s Baked Beans knows what sports fans want on their plates come gameday. The partnership just makes sense. Both brands are thrilled to continue their efforts to satisfy fans with delicious baked beans and unique sports content.


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