How To Be Happy: 5 Offbeat Tips


In order to be successful in the modern world, you need to work hard. First – to study well at school in order to pass the exam and go to university, then – sit all night long preparing for the exam in order to close the session in a timely manner, then – go to interviews and try to prove yourself well at work, then – try to get a promotion.

Few people manage to avoid the stress associated with study or work, and sometimes we feel like a “squeezed lemon”. For some, this feeling becomes a constant companion: blues, fatigue, a feeling of constant pressure do not leave even at night. In order to get rid of stress and learn to enjoy the little things, you can contact a psychologist, or you can read our simple tips and try to follow them.

To be lazy on schedule

If you are a procrastinator, this tip is for you. To be more effective in solving labor issues, you need to be able to let them go for a while. Therefore, plan a specific time that you can spend only on yourself, without being distracted by extraneous stimuli: namely, work or study.

Believe me, three Saturday hours of stupid contemplation of the monitor will not lead to anything, but a walk through the blooming park will certainly bear fruit! A bath with aromatic salt will be more useful than thoughtlessly scrolling through reports, and going out for your favorite cakes will add much more enthusiasm than scrolling through the feed of social networks.

The main thing is to meet the time that you have given yourself. Just remember that after midnight Cinderella’s carriage will turn into a pumpkin, and your desire to work will turn into a need to get a good night’s sleep. Therefore, do not forget that there are 24 hours in a day, at least 8 of which you need to sleep.

Stop worrying about the little things

For a student, this means getting rid of the “excellent student’s complex” and accepting the fact that any scenario has its advantages. For example, the received “three” means that you can not worry about the state exams because of the red diploma, and the color of the graduation document itself will not in any way affect the decision to accept you for this or that job.

For an adult with a lot of responsibility, it is important to stop dwelling on small problems. For example, an unpleasant, but not fatal, mistake in the title of an article you wrote or dissatisfaction with your boss.

Love green tea

Scientists from the United States have shown that people who drink 4 or more cups of green tea a day are as much as 44% less likely to become depressed than those who drink one cup of tea or do not drink it at all. Scientists speculate that this is due to the fact that green tea contains amino acids that reduce anxiety. The L-carnitine in tea helps to improve mood and reduce the effects of stress. And the same 4 cups of green tea stimulate memory and increases brain performance. This property of the drink was discovered by Swiss scientists.

In this regard, it makes sense for many to replace some of the coffee they drink with green tea.

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Learn to be responsible

Yes, the little things are not that important. More importantly, you know how to be responsible for them. At the same time, you need to remember that your responsibility is within your authority – this means that you cannot control everything. However, each of us should be prepared for the fact that it is not meteorological conditions or noise in the office that are to blame for his “jambs”, but you and only you.

The same rule applies to our whole life as a whole: everyone himself makes his life the way it is. We are responsible for the fact that we burn out professionally, but do not dare to change jobs, for the fact that we cannot leave the northern regions, despite the allergy to frost, for the fact that we do not go in for sports, do not go hiking, etc. It’s not the lack of time that is to blame, but our unwillingness to find it for this. And the indecision that causes us to confuse the comfort zone with the swamp that has dragged us into us.

True, having understood the full scale of the problem, we often begin to reproach ourselves. But that’s not the point. You should not convince yourself that you are not capable of anything – after all, you are capable, even very much! Realizing your responsibility is the first step towards changing something in your life without looking back at your fear, which, as you know, has large eyes.

Do not dwell on morning failures

If your car doesn’t start in the morning, just take the bus or metro. Yes, this is unpleasant, but you shouldn’t think about it all day. You will come back to this when the time comes, but for now – get distracted! Even if you haven’t gone down to the subway for a million years, this is not a reason to perceive the road as hard labor.

The main thing is to remember that coffee that ended in the morning or a stain on your favorite sweater found at the last moment should not “program” the day for failure. After all, all this is nonsense, and there is a lot of interesting things ahead!

And in general, if something went wrong, it does not mean that everything is bad. Our daily habits make our moods dependent on our habitual way of life. And to be happy means to be as independent as possible from seemingly insignificant circumstances that may unexpectedly burst into our lives.


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