How to Find True Love?


True love begins with the self. This is because self-esteem is the basis for forming strong and mature relationships.

Most of us are all looking for the perfect match for us to begin true love. But, as we already know, this topic is more complex than we think.

Building meaningful, long-lasting relationships is not easy. The emotional, physical and psychological aspects are so complex and affect your ability to do so, you have little control over them.

We also think that true love is a matter of luck, fate, or the people we meet, but in fact, it all starts with ourselves.

The key to finding true love

Take care of your self-esteem

Some psychologists think it’s time to deal with low self-esteem when they think they need true love.

If we are desperately looking for a serious person to love us, the problem may be internal.

The best thing to do in this case is to delete the panorama. Before making a decision under pressure, you should ask yourself what you really need. Low self-esteem means you’re not ready for a stable relationship.

Conversely, people with high self-esteem don’t constantly think about finding someone. They don’t always need anyone.

Let’s not idealize love

The way you find love can be another inconvenience when it comes to finding love. That’s because of so many preconceived notions, prejudices, and misguided cultural teachings about how relationships should be.

Thoughts like “find your prince”, “live happily ever after” and the classic “you are the only one I have” is only part of the problem. But worst of all, we base these thoughts on our emotions.

Unfortunately, in many cases, things don’t work that way. Because everyone has a different and unique point of view.

Also, the dynamics of interpersonal relationships are far more complex than what we read in fairy tales.

Partners are not things

The combination of low self-esteem and bad luck always turns into an unhealthy jealous habit. We tend to think of a serious relationship as doing everything our partner wants. But that’s not true.

Just because you’re actually building a relationship doesn’t mean you own someone. A person cannot belong to anyone.

Even within relationships, everyone is a free and autonomous being with the right to make their own decisions.

Uncontrollable jealousy has destroyed more relationships than I could have imagined. A lasting relationship means agreeing and negotiating so that each person feels free, respected, and loved.

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Let’s overcome the crisis

There are several stages to true love. That means not everything is perfect.

Sexual attraction, love fever, and being a couple are just a summary of everything that happens when two people are together.

If you ask people you’ve been in a relationship with for a long time, you may be able to confirm this. The crisis is an important part of any relationship because it pushes the two of them forward.

Even after overcoming a crisis, if we are together, a bond is formed between us and our partner, and that relationship becomes stronger.

But overcoming a crisis cannot be based on a one-man solution. Before we can focus on what we want from our partner, we must first ask ourselves, “What can I do to make the whole situation better?”

Lasting love is the love that makes us better

When you first start, it is easy to form a relationship and fall in love. After all, we are influenced by intense hormones and high hopes. However, it is difficult to sustain that love even after several years have passed.

True love is a relationship that develops a love for each other over the years. In this relationship, the two never stop caressing, understanding, and many ways of demonstrating affection.

And doing so should be enjoyable and should also be disciplined.

Another way to nurture love is to learn to think by putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. Let’s replace unnecessary arguments with active consultations.

Nobody says love will be easy

In conclusion, marrying or maintaining a long-term relationship with someone is difficult. Here, we need to look at several important aspects such as psychological, emotional, spiritual, moral, sexual, social, etc.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The greater the effort, the greater the chances. And love will be truly valuable when it is with the right person.

You then have to work on understanding each other’s differences and continuing to build relationships.


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