How to Furnish a One Bed Room Apartment in Stylish Way Possible


The nice thing about living in one of the apartments for rent in Charleston or in a loft-style apartment of fifty square meters is the fact that I have one very long wall running through my entire house. This wall is the wall for my bedroom, hallway, and living room in one and is no less than twelve meters long. And then also extra high up to the ceiling. Quite a challenge in dressing. In this article, I will tell you about my current furnishing and share all my tips and tricks!

White color or wallpaper?

With such an endless wall as a blank canvas, it can be quite a puzzle what you want to do with it. Do I choose white, do I go for a bold or less present color or do I prefer to use wallpaper? Although I really love color and prints, I chose the very first. After all, you can also have color reflected in your interior in other ways. For example, I have a velvet ocher sofa in my living room as a real eye-catcher and I consciously choose beautiful and colorful home accessories. A white wall does not have to be boring or have a sterile appearance.

Home Accessories

The search for nice home accessories and beautiful colorful accents remains a huge hobby for me. As a child, I was already fond of watching interior programs on television and secretly wanted to become an interior stylist in addition to a dolphin trainer ( guilty! ). Unfortunately, I ended up as a social media expert, but that doesn’t make my shopping habits any less with regard to my home.

My favorite trend right now? The color gold, which is less flashy but radiates a lot of warmth and adds to my interior. I love it! My most recent purchase is therefore this large gold design wall clock for above my brand new home office. Due to its size, it immediately breaks up the wall a bit and you still get the feeling that your house consists of several rooms, while in my case this is actually not the case.

Storage Space

Storage space is also a huge must in my opinion. After all, stuff has to go somewhere, and if there’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s stuff that keeps floating around from one place to another, creating a mess. One of my favorite parts that breaks up my long wall a bit is my two large bookcases.

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I am not a huge reader, but I do love coffee table books and I also have a large number of autobiographies, fashion, girl boss, social media, and self-help books in my cupboards. Besides the fact that these cabinets are very handy for storing things, I also find it super fun to play with the layout here. For example, not all my books are neatly upright in one row, but I switch them between positions by, for example, placing them in a pile with a green plant or small home accessories next to it.

On Pinterest, you can find a lot of (bookcase) classification theories. No mess, still fun and playful and at the same time completely feng Shui. Something that I, as a perfectionist double Libra, really need in my living environment.


Although I really don’t have a green thumb at all, over the past few years more and more plants have been added to my house. They come in all kinds of different shapes, colors and sizes, which is why shapes are the perfect living home accessories. Right now, plant stands (both high and low) are all you need and these are great for breaking up some larger spaces into different nooks within my living room/dining room/kitchen/office.

My favorite plants at the moment are my large, ever-growing Monstera, my purple-green Calathea, and my smaller plants such as String of Hearts, String of Pearls, and my pancake plant. I also recently added a large Ficus Robustica to my living room. Easy to maintain, air purifying, and also super hip at home!


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