How To Get Started On Your Exercise Journey


At the start of the holiday season, most people don’t have exercise on their mind, but the best thing you can do is to plan ahead. Have your mind set on an exercise routine beforehand.

Don’t wait until January 1st to begin your exercise journey. Set yourself up for success and begin your journey now to get a jumpstart on your health and wellness. Building the habit can be the hardest part to overcome. If you have already built a healthy habit and gotten into a solid routine before the holiday season, then you will be more likely to keep your routine. 5 things you can do to start your exercise journey are as follows: do not hesitate, incorporate your exercise routine into your schedule, commit to your routine, consider a healthy diet, and persevere.

Do Not Hesitate

We often get excited about things that are new. However, something like an exercise journey that we are not necessarily looking forward to in terms of commitment may cause us to hesitate! When considering a new exercise routine, something you can do to not set yourself up to fail is to avoid hesitation by all means. Once you make that choice, go with it. Ride it out until you see yourself inside whichever type of environment you have chosen. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from starting.

Incorporate Your Exercise Routine into Your Schedule

What you can do to also avoid any type of hesitation, is incorporate your exercise routine into your schedule immediately to see that it can play out the way you want it to without causing too much extra stress. Play with it a bit to be sure that it is doable with whatever current schedule you already have. Move things around if needed so that a solid chunk of time for exercise fits into your schedule.

Commit to Your Routine

Once you have it incorporated into your schedule, commit fully to your routine. Commit 100% for the first week. See how well it worked or didn’t work. Move things around as needed and adjust where things need to be. Tell yourself that you can commit to one week at a time. In most cases, people will get overwhelmed with the daunting task of exercise becoming a regular activity and feel the need to do away with it if it doesn’t seem to work out in just the first 2 weeks. Make sure you make it a priority for the first few weeks. A habit is built initially in 21 days and then built upon from there.

Consider Incorporating a Healthy Diet

Studies show that the most important part of your exercise journey is a healthy diet. Just like exercise, once you get started, it will be easier to continue. But to be clear, a very important part also is to incorporate your routine and find a way to stick with it.


Perseverance when beginning your exercise journey is key to a successful journey! In case of injury, be sure to have a physical therapist in mind that you can reach out to. Idaho Falls physical therapy is a great place to get any potential questions answered.


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