Ultimate Guide on How To Prepare for an AWS Certification


As an IT professional, acquiring an AWS certification will surely give you an edge or advantage in terms of enhancing and honing your skills to make you a desirable candidate and asset in a tech company. Preparing for an exam can be stressful. That’s why we’re here to share some tips to ace that test.

Even though you can always retake the exam. It’s still nerve wracking, who would want to retake a test? Save yourself the trouble and costs by passing it the first time. Read along as we discuss how to prepare for an AWS certification.

1.  Familiarize Yourself With The Exam

How familiar are you with the AWS certification? It’s one thing to familiarize yourself with the exam you’re about to take and another thing to know how it works. Basically, one must familiarize themselves with the requirements, instructions and guidelines of the exam in advance.

2.  Choose Your AWS Module

One of the first steps in preparing for an AWS Certification is to identify which AWS module you would want to enroll in.

There are three AWS modules to choose from: Foundational, Associate and Professional. Each module has a varied depth and scope, which is the extent to which AWS services and systems are covered in a certification exam. They all have a degree of technical knowledge required for each exam.

If you are new to AWS,  we recommend that you start with the foundational level or module for proper understanding and assimilation. It’s only natural that you start with the foundational first before moving on to the associate or professional level. If you don’t do this, it might waste your time and resources.

3.  Set Milestones

Before you start studying, prepare milestones and completion metrics for yourself. The AWS certification exam covers different subjects and topics. It can be overwhelming to cover all areas at once. Hence, preparing a milestone is imperative.

Reward yourself with every milestone you accomplish successfully. Doing this will make you feel motivated and confident in passing the exam.

4.  Prepare For a Technical Writing

Don’t forget about the technical work as you learn about the AWS’s concept, skills, terminology, and foundations. AWS adopts a practical approach in its exams. While you acquire the beginner skills, be more involved in the technical aspect.

5.  Practice Makes Perfect

Put the technical writing and skills you have learned into practice by testing all of it so far. Test yourself by attempting or trying out numerous free exam questions made available online. This should be easy since the majority are free and available online for you to try. You can also buy a set for a price but it’s up to you.

Practicing and attempting past exams can help you identify your weaknesses or strengths in everything you’ve learned. Remember, you don’t have to depend solely on the free test you see online. You can also tell an unbiased friend, colleague, or family member to test your knowledge.

7. Schedule Your Exam

Finally! You’re ready to take the exam so go ahead and schedule it at your best possible or most convenient time. Remember, do this when you’re fully prepared and confident that you have done your best in preparing for the exam.


Acing the AWS Certification is a great deal for any IT professional aiming to move forward to their IT career. Once you get this, you’ll surely be recognized as a professional. Applying for and passing the exam will strengthen your footing in your career as an expert. The exam is well-grounded to test participants’ knowledge to the core. Nonetheless, it’s doable. With the right preparation, you can ace the exam like many others before. Luckily, there are organizations that help with AWS certification, like https://yellowtail.tech/aws-for-jobs/.


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