How to Reconcile with Your Inner Self


It’s time to stop punishing yourself and make peace with yourself. You have to learn to be happy with your body and your ego so that you can stop hurting your self-esteem.

”Whatever the reason, so far, I have done so much harm to myself, and I have been swept away by various confusing messages, making myself my worst enemy, no one else. Is it possible to reconcile with my inner self?”

Even if you go out for a short time, you will be surrounded by numerous messages, advertisements, and posters that you should have a slimmer body, more elastic skin, and fuller hair.

”What if I was actually fat, wrinkled, and had thin hair? Do I feel offended and sad? Do I feel sorry for myself?”

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Although this is the reality before us, it is up to us to decide to accept it.  Why do we constantly focus on things that change over time, but are difficult and impossible to achieve in reality?

Hole of Perfection

We can consider getting closer to the perfection that society demands of us. But trying to get closer to perfection is like falling into a deeper hole in yourself.

Because we’ve been bombarded with so many messages about weight, height, and beauty that we put too much trust in, there’s no end to it, and there’s no way out.

We trade between beauty and ugliness, good and evil.

It seems as if there is no middle here. Mostly all or nothing.

In the morning we may wake up feeling happy. It is the happiness of the person reflected in the mirror. But what we see after we leave home is criticism and rejection that brings us sadness and frustration.

  • In fact, thick-legged people cannot hide as if they have very skinny legs. Failure to accept reality will create a vicious cycle and will never produce good results.
  • Don’t act like you’re not me. Let’s not follow society’s standards of beauty. Indeed, these criteria will change significantly over time.
  • If you just look at the past, what the people of that era were like, and what the standards of beauty were at that time, you will know the reality.

Have we really not learned how to prevent ourselves from being swept away?

Know Your own Self and Accept!

It is possible to reconcile with the self within me. Let’s stop blaming ourselves. See yourself as unique and original, and fill it with good things.

Aren’t there people around who don’t mind getting people’s attention? Distinctive people easily catch people’s eyes. And they don’t care about being rejected. Their originality attracts great people.

Comparing yourself to others is a cruel act on your self-esteem.  This will lead us to believe that we are not good enough, we are not equal, we are not worthwhile.

This behavior is like a highway that harms you and makes you unhappy. Besides, we deserve to enjoy life without hurting ourselves from mere aesthetic questions.

Making reconciliation with yourself is not just a superficial act, some of it has to do with all the beliefs that surround us, some of which are ingrained in our hearts.

For example, we find it difficult to say no because we want to be kind to everyone, or because we know that love involves sacrifice.

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Lies put us into harmful relationships. As a result, we live in uncomfortable situations. However, we have great trust because we have learned this from society.

We must learn to question everything and open our eyes to the true reality. Don’t be the person others idealize and want to show off.

It is possible to reconcile with the Me within me. Let’s erase everything we believed in and everything that made our lives so difficult.

It’s time to stop blaming yourself, stop wanting to be like everyone else, and step out of your ideal weight.

Now is the time to think about the things that make us shine.


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