Ideal Jobs for Busy Moms while Sitting at Home


Motherhood is hard and challenging. Bringing up teeny tiny babies into decent human beings demands dedication, physical fitness as well as mental well-being. For a lot of mothers, ‘meaningful work’ is a sure way to feel better. It also brings some bucks home. However, not every mommy can afford full-time daycares or nannies. Hence, a lot of them resort to work-at-home options.

A Myriad of jobs can be performed by mommies from the comfort of their home; while still maneuvering the play-poop-clean-feed-sleep cycles of babies. Here we enlist ideal jobs for busy mommies while sitting at home.

1)   Teach the kids: Tutor

Teaching young kids never gets out of fashion. Although this might sound like out of the frying pan into the fire, some women have a thing for teaching kids. They thoroughly enjoy tutoring young minds and helping with homework. Mommies can side by side educate their own kids too to double the rewards!

2)      Create Knowledge: Curriculum developer

Mommies who have teaching experience and a Master’s degree can capitalize on these in a number of ways. One of them is to channelize their knowledge and fuse it with more research to develop a curriculum. Instructions manuals, planners, notes, teaching aids can be developed from the ease of your home. This job also pays well.

3)      Building World Wide Webs

Web development has been one of the fastest-growing industries for the work-from-home regime. This suits mothers who have relevant degrees/associated degrees and a passion for web development. The work can be easily done remotely and gives a sense of accomplishment. Sometimes this is all that matters to a stay-at-home mother.

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4)      Put your thoughts into words: Blogging

Mommy blogging has been in vogue lately. One way for mommies is to create their own blog and monetize it. Another way to earn is to offer their content writing services to other blogs or online magazines. Parenthood blogs usually pay per article. This job offers complete flexibility as well as a means to connect with the community.

5)    Help them hire: HR Recruiter

For mommies who have prior experience in recruitment functions and are trained in recruitment software, working from home is not a far-fetched idea. The recruiter’s job can be performed via video conferencing and calls. Extraordinary communication and inter-personal skills are a key to success.

6)      Help them file their Tax Returns: Tax preparer

Even though it sounds arduous, mommies can and do work from home as tax preparers. The unique aspect of this job option is its seasonality. Taxpayers have a huge workload during January-April in the US while the rest of the year is eased off. You can also opt for this job to plug in some extra cash in the hours of need.

7)    Virtual assistant

This is an ideal job for technology enthusiasts and highly organized mommies. Mommies who can multitask, organize, coordinate and communicate well fit this role.  With the use of basic software and excellent time management, mommies can work as Virtual Assistant and bring some money home. 

This list of work-from-home options is by no means exhaustive. The above opportunities are endless. The choice and hence the compensation depend on individual mommies’ needs, available time, and skill set. Whatever the case may be, work-from-home options greatly empower women and bring the needed fresh air in the otherwise mundane life of a stay-at-home mom.


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