The Real Truth Behind Linda Tripp Plastic Surgery

linda tripp before and after surgery - Linda Tripp Facelift

The dynamism of Linda Tripp plastic surgery is currently making the rounds on the internet. Rumours say that she has recently undergone a cheek implant, facelift, botox and several other cosmetic procedures.

Everyone is curious to know the real truth behind Linda Tripp plastic surgery. So, if you are also concerned to know more about Linda Tripp before and after surgical transformations, then read out the complete article.

Who is Linda Tripp?

linda tripp surgery

Linda Tripp was an American civil servant who gained tremendous popularity for her whistleblowing that made former president Bill Clinton’s affair with Monika Lewinsky, who was the White House intern go viral in 1998.

Her act of disclosing the intimate relationship between the Ex-president and his intern made her become the subject of mockery among the public.

Linda has received both negative and positive comments over the entire scenario. A few critics of Linda made her called “Sub-Hollywood beauty” in critics and those comments were quite painful for her.

Why does Linda Tripp look different?

After revealing the scandal of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Linda had to go through a lot. She was being mocked and harassed by the media for her looks.

Linda exhibits a scruffy appearance and that is the reason why she wanted to get an entirely different look. In the process of getting rid of her scruffy appearance, Linda had to go through several surgical procedures.

As per the reports, Linda Tripp plastic surgery includes a neck reduction, nose job, facial peel, chin tuck, and liposuction.

Linda Tripp Surgery

Tripp had undergone several plastic surgeries beginning in late 1999. According to the National Enquirer, Tripp said that Geoffrey Keyes, who is a West Hollywood Plastic Surgeon, has conducted her various cosmetic procedures.

Linda Tripp Facelift

In 2008, Linda has done her face-lifting procedure but was not satisfied with the results. She found her chin implant inappropriate for her long oval face and also complained about her face being swollen.

Despite her complaints, she continues to create stunning looks in her personality. Linda was encouraged to transform her physical appearance and she did it.

It was also added on the report that she has lost about 40 pounds of her weight as a part of her goal of losing 60 pounds in total.

Linda Tripp surgery costs are still not known but a few experts have estimated that the cosmetic procedures would be around $30,000. Although, this is just an estimated number.

Public Reaction to Linda Tripp plastic surgery:

The news of Linda Tripp plastic surgery might not change the perspective of people about her. People like Linda Tripp who get into the public limelight for a complicated reason, usually receive a mix of responses.

Her new appearance in the drama series, American Crime Story: Impeachment, after being aired, Linda got to receive both positive and degrading remarks about her plastic surgery. During the entire process, she choose to remain silent and did not care to respond to the public comments.

Linda Tripp Before and After Surgery

Linda Tripp Before and After Surgery - linda tripp surgery - Linda Tripp Facelift

Generally, people who went through a big transformation like plastic surgery feel more confident. But in the case of Linda Tripp plastic surgery, it’s quite different because she did not get what she expected.

One of her statements said that “I am comfortable with my looks but not with my face lifting. It did not boost up my confidence”. However, she tried to maintain her ageless look before she died in April 2020.

Wrapping up!!

The penthouse servant, Linda Tripp had always been a controversial figure in politics since the day she discloses the affair of Ex-president Bill Clinton with Monika Lewinsky.

Linda had carried out the facial peel, rhinoplasty and several other surgeries because of the reason that she was highly insecure about her appearance.

These insecurities, however, let her face negative critics as well but she continues to transform herself the way she wanted to and succeed. Till her death, she remained to look ageless.


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