Low-Cost Ways to Keep Your House Warm


We are amidst a winter that is seeing us reach for our electric comforters and pile the logs up high on the fire – but while trying to stay warm, our electricity or gas bills are also hiking up in price. This can be a real penny pincher season for those of us who have drafty houses or are naturally inclined to feel the cold. So, the question today is how can we keep our homes warm without breaking the bank?

This piece is here to offer you some solid advice so you can keep yourself cozy and your bank balance steady.

Focus on Draft Removal

Drafts are a double whammy when it comes to temperature inconvenience. Not only will drafts allow your nice hot air to escape your home, but they will also let the colder air from outside in, leaving you far from enjoying the warm and comforting room you are looking for. Fixing drafts can be a low-cost way to help you sort out any heating leaks and can also save you a fortune on your heating bill.

The simplest solution is to make sure the doors are closed in the room that you want to heat up; otherwise, you are essentially trying to heat the whole house in the areas you are not using. If there are drafts, gaps, or cracks between your windows or doors, have a look at getting a seal put in or invest in some draft excluders. This should help keep your hot air in and the cold air out!

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Update Your Heating System

Updating your heating system to something more modern could save you a small fortune on heating your house in the long run. While it is not exactly considered a low-cost option upfront, the switch should pay for itself tenfold and should last you 10 to 15 years before you need to consider replacing it. You might also find that replacing important components of your heating system, such as radiators, will also improve the heat around your home and be more energy-efficient too. If you are considering upgrading your radiators, head over to Warm Rooms to find out more.

Move Furniture Around

A very cost-effective way to help keep yourself warm is to reposition your furniture. You might find that your sofa is right next to a window or a fireplace or that your favorite chair is right next to the door. Moving your furniture inwards can help you make the most of the heat in the middle of the room without you having to having to deal with the drafts.

You might also find that if you have curtains covering your radiators, or your bookshelf is right in front of them, they could be doing a very good job of blocking the heat from circulating around the room. Having a shift of where everything is in winter could help you get the most out of your heating without you having to turn the thermostat up again.


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