How to Make Trips with Toddlers Easy


Those first few months of a non-mobile baby make getting out easy: all you have to do is dress baby and pack a bag of essentials…and go. With growth comes mobility, independence, and some very strong opinions on where they’d rather be going and what they’d rather be doing. Although trips with toddlers does require more planning, it doesn’t have to feel impossible.

Here, 5 tips on how how to make trips with toddlers seamless:

Bring A Well-stocked Diaper Bag

With toddlerhood comes a whole new spin on outfit changes. Gone are the days (well, mostly) of explosive diaper changes, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear yet for those on-the-fly outfit swaps. Toddlers live to explore…food, dirt, mud, and basically every and any substance, texture is worth exploring. Their need to touch everything means you’ll likely be in for an outfit change–or two. Pack extra diapers, plenty of wipes, and clothing. A clean pair of shoes is always a good idea, too.

Pack Plenty of Snacks

There is no wrath like the hanger of a toddler. Pack nutritiously dense food for little bodies on the go. Apple and peanut butter sandwich bites, hummus and fresh-cut veggies, raisins for energy, soft granola bars, homemade muffins, and cheese cubes. And don’t forget to pack a reusable bottle of water for your little one, too. It’s easy for little ones to forget about hydrating every so often.

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Bring a Favorite Toy

For long car rides, books and a favorite toy go a long way. If you’re planning on an extra long travel day, make a ‘car bag’. Pack a new book or two, and a few objects that’ll keep their interest, such as lacing cards or a handheld kaleidoscope. Audiobooks, a child-friendly podcast, or upbeat music also help to keep your little one patient in the car.

Don’t forget your Toddler Carrier

The constant running and exploring of a busy toddler make for some very tired little legs. And as we all know, tired toddlers and tantrums go hand-in-hand. To avoid that dreaded public meltdown, plan ahead by bringing a toddler carrier (if you’re lucky, they might even sneak in a nap!). Ergobaby’s carriers are specifically designed to adjust from one week to 48 months, so your growing child can enjoy a stroll tucked on your back well into toddlerhood.

Make it Fun

If you have a long list of errands to run with your toddler, consider making one last stop before home: the playground, or an outdoor space that they love. Before you leave the house, make a list with your toddler of all the places you’ll be going. This will help to keep your child happy throughout the day, knowing there’s a fun reward at the end just for her.


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