Marketing Words That Will Make Your Customers to Click


Great marketers know how to persuade people with words that affect their emotions. Because they have been using these words and sentences that have been verified through long-time experience.

These words go a long way in increasing your conversion rate.

If you use these 18 “marketing words” properly, you’ll get a much better response from your customers.

Marketing Words to be Used for Beter Conversion

1) You 

Mention the person you want to show this content to, not just talking to yourself. Of course, calling each name is more effective. This requires a lot of time and effort. Just mentioning it as a fine-grained target layer is helpful. Give the impression that the content is for a specific audience and not everyone.

2) Because

We are exposed to a lot of content, and it is difficult to determine whether this information is the information I need. Let your customers judge for you by stating exactly why they should watch your content.

3) Value/ Worth it

Can be implied that the customer can get more for the time invested. Tell them that you can get great benefits by taking a short time to view content.

4) Amazing Make

Customers Think It’s Incredibly Good. Of course, you should be able to reasonably explain why it’s surprising, but the fishing content only creates antipathy.

5) Easy

Let us know how easy our product, service, or content can make a consumer’s life easier. It would be even better if they made it really easy, not just marketing phrases…

6) Discover

Suggest that it is new information that customers are not aware of. People know what others know, but I can’t stand what I don’t know.

7) Act now / Instant You

can set a time limit on the reaction to make it act immediately. People are more attracted to having immediate access than waiting.

8) Everything you need Let

customers see your content to achieve their goals. Of course, you need to set your target and think about what information they will need first.

To say that ‘it has everything you need’ for this content can make you feel as if you have found the perfect information.

9) Never… not. (Never)

Negative comments such as “Never worry again” or “Never lose money again” can make ordinary things feel a benefit.

10) New Make

Our product, service, or story feel cutting edge in the industry. Just by using this service, you can give your customers the feeling of being a forward-looking person.

11) Free / Save

We all like free things. It sounds attractive to protect your property or to be able to save money. Especially if your service is money-related, it will sound even sexier to consumers.

12) Safe and Effective

Mention that the loss, both physically and financially, is very small. Be sure to ‘prove’ it with the content.

13) Real Result

People want to know the results of their choices in advance. Being able to refer to reviews or data from people you’ve already chosen can help relieve anxiety.

14) No Secrets

Everyone in the world is successful, and not everyone knows the secret to success. Reveal to your customers the secrets you know. (You can also wrap it up as if it were a secret.)

15) The Only

The thing that can make us feel like our solution is everything. [Three Solutions to Marketing Success] and [The Only Three Solutions to Marketing Success] will feel different.

16) How to If

You offer to solve a customer’s problem, they will be more likely to read your article. It is more effective to appeal to the customer as a service that ‘solves a certain difficulty’ than to appeal that it is a certain service.

17) Elite Make

Your customers are the center of the world. It can make customers feel like a higher standard. It’s good to have more customers floating around with terms like a smart student.

18) More

After all, consumers want their choices to be the best deals. Show off what makes you better than your competitors. You can also talk about how consumers make choices that make them better than before.


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