Minimalism 101: How To Create The Ideal Minimalist Office Space


Are you someone who frequently works from home? If so, then have you given much thought to a minimalist-style home office? In fact, minimalist offices are becoming increasingly popular with remote workers, especially since they can help to boost focus and concentration.

After all, a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind.

So, how can you create the perfect minimalist office space within your home?

In this blog, we will cover what you need to know, so don’t stop reading!

First, let’s explore what the concept of minimalism entails…

What is minimalism?

Minimalism, in simple terms, refers to intentionally living with fewer possessions, particularly only the ones that you really need. Doing this ultimately allows you to focus more on what matters most – which can vary from person to person.

While modern culture is admittedly obsessed with consumerism, minimalism empowers people to become free from this passion to possess everything, reminding them to be grateful for what we already have.

In essence, minimalism’s core philosophy revolves around the saying, “less is more”.

With this in mind, how do you create a minimalist home office setup?

Assigning a dedicated office area

First and foremost, if you work from home full time or at least most of the time, it might be worthwhile creating a dedicated workspace within your home. It doesn’t have to be an entire room on its own, but it should have sufficient space for what you need. Remember that there are a variety of desks and tables to choose from that come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, meaning that if you wanted, you could incorporate your office space into the corner of a room.

Lighting matters

Regardless of whether you have chosen to place your office in the corner of a room or at the centre of it, it is important to consider how lighting will affect the space. In particular, daylight has been shown to help regulate circadian rhythms, alleviating stress and enhancing performance – no matter if it is for study or work. So, it might be a good idea to ensure that there are enough windows within the room for daylight to stream in.

If this is not possible, then incorporating stylish lighting solutions is an alternative. For instance, pendant wall lights that hang by the desk are great for task lighting and illuminating your office area whenever you want.

Don’t forget about storage

Although you might be attempting to create a minimalist office, this does not mean that you have to limit your resources relating to your work. This includes office essentials such as a notebook, pen, stapler, and other items that you might need to do your job effectively. As a result, you shouldn’t hastily throw out such items.

Instead, focus on including a suitable storage unit that allows you to store these items to keep them out of sight when they are not needed. For instance, a storage cabinet placed neatly beside your desk is a better option compared to installing shelves on the walls as the latter can directly be in your line of sight, thus an easy way to get distracted.


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