The 10 Most Beautiful Holiday Destinations in the World


Be it the long-awaited summer vacation or just a short city trip – vacation is probably one of the most beautiful ways to escape everyday life and spend a few relaxing days or weeks. But as soon as the time has come, the recurring question of the most beautiful, best and most suitable holiday destination arises.

The fact that this question always brings with it a wide variety of answers is not surprising in view of the numerous travel options and locations. To make your choice easier, we have selected the most beautiful travel destinations around the world for you. Discover new countries, enchanting cities or the well-known evergreens – with these travel destinations your vacation will be a complete success.

10) Dubrovnik – Croatia

Croatia is a well-known and popular travel destination. With its extensive coastline and a multitude of beautiful, small bathing towns and villages, it is one of the top travel destinations for Europeans. Most of the beaches are pebble, but that doesn’t detract from their beauty. A pearl on the coast is the town of Dubrovnik in the south.

As a hot spot for millionaires and stars, it is well attended in summer. The beautiful city not only convinced with old architecture, wonderful alleys, and restaurants but also with a breathtaking rocky landscape that surrounds it. Fans of the “Game of Thrones” series will recognize a lot here, as numerous scenes were filmed in the small Croatian town.

9) Mallorca – Spain

Mallorca – that’s really not an insider tip, is it? Indeed, the small Balearic island is not a new discovery. And yet it shouldn’t be missing on our list, because it offers so much more than crowded beaches and mass tourism. Away from the famous beach promenades and bars, you will find a fascinating landscape, quiet beaches and idyllic bays. Rent a small finca with a pool and enjoy the Mediterranean sun surrounded by beautiful rock formations. Mallorca is always worth a trip.

8) Sarajevo – Bosnia

The lesser-known neighbor of Croatia has a lot to offer. In Bosnia there are not only great holiday offers for sports fans, but also a capital that is unique in Europe. While the mountains invite you to go hiking and canoeing, Sarajevo welcomes you with diversity. The “Jerusalem of Europe” is a city in which the church, mosque and synagogue are within sight. The capital also offers rich architecture and delicious food. The old town of Sarajevo is particularly worth a visit.

7) Amalfi Coast – Italy

Italy is one of the most popular summer travel destinations in the world. Not only Europeans, but also long-distance tourists love the country in the south. The Amalfi Coast is a special corner. In addition to huge lemon groves, there is a picturesque promenade, small ships and huge yachts as well as welcoming locals. Relaxing and letting your mind wander is easy here.

6) Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Pretty much everything about the Great Barrier Reef is impressive and unique. The reef consists of more than 2500 individual reefs, making it the largest of its kind in the world. The biodiversity that can still be found here is so unique that it has been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Nature lovers and especially divers will find a little paradise here.

5) New York – USA

The city that never sleeps – New York City is the metropolis par excellence. Turbulent dynamics, a skyline like hardly anywhere else in the world and the typical American attitude towards life, in the metropolis everything is somehow impressive. If you want to get carried away by the big city troubles, a trip to the Big Apple is a must.

4) Alps – Switzerland

Pure idyll, endless pastures, countless lakes and steep mountains – travelers will find all this and more in Switzerland. Peace, relaxation and a landscape like nowhere else in the world – that’s what Switzerland is known for. Meadows that appear to be painted and almost a little too perfect can be marveled at here. Switzerland is world famous not only for its landscape, but also for its food. Cheese, chocolate and more convince every visitor.

3) Skógafoss – Iceland

It doesn’t always have to be summer, sun and sand. If you want to travel outside the typical holiday picture and are looking for an unusual destination, you can also go to Iceland in the middle of winter. Especially in the cold season, the land of the Gysirs is a travel destination that promises variety. Hot springs ensure relaxation and the northern lights provide romance and an experience of nature that will be remembered for a long time.

2) Palawan – Philippines

This island, which is also known as the “most beautiful island in the world”, has the whole package. Jungle, paradisiacal beaches and bays and a beautiful and untouched nature. The crystal clear water and the cliffs of the surrounding rocks provide a panorama that hardly looks so perfect anywhere else in the world. Palawan should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

1) Bora Bora

South Seas – even the location of this small group of islands sounds like a vacation. Blue lagoons, crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and palm trees are actually also the things you can find here. An absolute dream destination, not just for the honeymoon. The South Sea island not only impresses with its idyll, but its rocks and mountain slopes as well as the Otemanu volcano also ensures its special flair.


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