Top 22 Most Popular Chocolate Brands Around the World


Chocolate has been a well-known remedy and luxury product for centuries. The delicious snack made from cocoa beans has also made a name for itself as a stimulating aphrodisiac. The Aztecs in Mexico began to grind cocoa beans early on and drink them mixed with water. This first “cocoa water” gave today’s chocolate its name. This is derived from the word “xocoati”, which stood for a bitter drink made from cocoa beans, water, vanilla, and cayenne pepper.

Today’s chocolate as a luxury food has little in common with this first chocolate drink. The reason for this is the large amounts of sugar added today. This turns the bitter bean into a sweet delicacy, which makes it the world’s most popular sweet. In view of the numerous manufacturers and the wide range of variations in the manufacturing process, the question of the best chocolate in the world is difficult to answer and certainly depends on personal taste. However, there are some criteria by which the quality of the chocolate can be assessed.

If you include the popularity of the chocolate in question, you get a reliable scale according to which you can choose the best chocolate in the world. To make it easier for you to choose your next purchase, We have compiled the top list of 22 most popular chocolate brands around the world for you.

1) Ferrero Rocher

If you love sweets and especially chocolate, Ferrero Rocher should not be missing in your snack drawer. The filled nut pralines you get in different packs. In the middle of each praline, there is a hazelnut that is covered with nougat cream and on the outside, there is a layer of waffles and milk chocolate.

The main ingredients include: 

  • milk chocolate
  • Vegetable fat
  • sugar
  • Sweet whey powder
  • wheat flour
  • Low-fat cocoa

The sweet pralines are made without gelatine and artificial colors, so you can enjoy them without hesitation. To prevent the chocolate from melting, you should store the plastic box in a cool, dry place . Be aware that the nuts in Ferrero Rocher can cause an allergic reaction. If you experience discomfort after consuming it, you should definitely consult a doctor.

2) Ghirardelli

3) Guylian

4) Patchi

5) Toblerone

6) Mars

7) Godiva

Belgian chocolate brand Godiva, along with Ghirardelli in the United States and Neuhaus in Belgium, is called the world’s top 10 chocolates. It is sold in over 700 boutiques, duty-free stores, department stores, chocolate specialty stores, and online stores in over 100 countries around the world. In 1926, founder Joseph Drops, together with his father, Pierre Drops, Senior, a famous chocolatier, set up a workshop in the basement of his home in Brussels and started the chocolate business. Originally named Chocolatier Drops, Godiva borrowed the name from Lady Godiva, the wife of Lord Leopard in Coventry, England, who sacrificed himself around the 11th century to reduce excessive taxes on the people. To put her courage and nobility in chocolate. The best ingredients, such as the finest cacao beans, Provence and Greek almonds, Piedmont hazelnuts, and naturally dried fruits, as well as Godiva’s unique chocolate coating method and molding method are used. In addition, you can find a wide variety of desserts, from the famous truffle chocolates to European-style biscuits to individually wrapped chocolates and beverages.

8) Lindt & Sprüngli


The chocolate manufacturers Lindt & Sprüngli have been active in the chocolate market since 1898. At the beginning of the company’s history, chocolate bars and praline creations, which are still popular today, were produced in their plants in Bern and Zurich. Lindt stands for melt-in-the-mouth chocolates and has made a name for itself especially with the company’s own gold bunny at Easter. The company operates its own sales outlets and chocolate cafés around the world, in which the company’s creations are presented and tasted.

9) Kit Kat

10) Twix

11) Dairy Milk

12) Bounty

13) Snickers

14) Hershey’s

15) Galaxy

16) TAZA

17) Kinder

18) Milka

19) Green & Black’s

20) Theo

21) Quality street

22) M&M’s



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