Top 22 Most Popular Chocolate Brands Around the World

Chocolate is loved by most of the people within the world. Chocolate is an universal delight. Chocolate is not only a treat, it is also a romantic gift for your love partner.

Here are a top list of the most popular chocolate brands around the world:

1) Ferrero Rocher

2) Ghirardelli

3) Guylian

4) Patchi

5) Toblerone

6) Mars

7) Godiva

8) Lindt

9) Kit Kat

10) Twix

11) Dairy Milk

12) Bounty

13) Snickers

14) Hershey’s

15) Galaxy

16) TAZA

17) Kinder

18) Milka

19) Green & Black’s

20) Theo

21) Quality street

22) M&M’s


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