What Do You Need to Know About Moving to New York?


New York is the best place to live on this planet regarding food, entertainment, and educational opportunities. If you’ve never visited NYC before in your life, it will take time to get used to the conditions. Many moving companies can help you move to NYC, but you also need to know lots of things about moving there.

New York can excite and frustrate you at the same time. But if you’re well prepared for the things we’re going to mention here, then you can make your move pleasant.

10 Most Important Things to Know About Moving to New York

So, let’s discuss the most important things you need to know about moving to New York.

  1. NYC Is Expensive

Beauty, food, and entertainment will excite you and encourage you to move to New York, but the cost of living in NYC is insane. You’ll find that many New Yorkers share their apartments with their friends because the housing prices are pretty high. Moreover, your utility bills such as groceries, electricity, and internet will all be more than the other states in the USA.

  1. Get Prepared for a Broker Fee

If you have a friend or family member in New York offering you the apartment, it’s great. Otherwise, renting an apartment in NYC is a headache. If you want to get a building on a lease, you probably need a broker, and the broker fee is almost 10-15% of the annual rent.

Due to fierce competition, apartments in NYC are difficult to find if you don’t want to seek the help of a broker. Moreover, if you want to move alone, you can visit a website that offers the services of finding rooms on sharing. You might be afraid to live with strangers, but you’ll have to live with them to save money.

  1. Short-Term Leasing Is the Perfect Option

So keeping the living expenses and broker fee in mind, you can go for a short-term lease option. We would never recommend signing a contract for a year. If you’re not satisfied with your neighborhood or other facilities, you might need to change your apartment. So, a short-term lease looks helpful in such situations. Moreover, know your neighbors before you move there.

  1. Be Aware of the Taxes

NYC is the most expensive living city in terms of taxes. You’ll be shocked and amazed by the federal, city, and state income taxes. But the good news is tax rates vary according to your income. If you want to own a property, the taxes are relatively reasonable. But the sales tax is on the higher side.

  1. Most People Prefer Public Transport in NYC

Almost 44% of people in NYC own a car, and they’re well-established people. People avoid owning a car because of the higher parking fees and the denser areas. When you go for an outing in the evening, it would probably take 30 minutes to find the parking place. Therefore, public transport like the subway seems to be the best alternative.

  1. Drivers in New York Are Aggressive

You’ll not find basic courtesy in New York drivers. They don’t hesitate to flaunt stop signs and speed limits. Moreover, be prepared for honking. You’ll get used to the horns eventually.

  1. It Takes Some Effort to Explore the City

Life is busy in NYC, and if you want to move around the streets or a new part of the city, it will take time and effort to explore them. If you’re not a good explorer, learn about the city’s layout and then start exploring. Start by visiting the nearby places first. After that, visit places that are accessible by Subway.

  1. Stay Connected

Indeed New York is a city jammed with people, but meanwhile, you can find it the loneliest place. If you don’t want to live lonely, you’ll have to stay connected with people. In the evening or morning, visit your local garden and build relations with people. Your neighborhood will keep changing, so you must be able to accept the change.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Safety

NYC is the safest city in the world, but meanwhile, you can’t be stupid. You can’t walk alone at midnight around the streets. It’s never a good practice, especially if you have just moved to New York. Don’t be carefree and never compromise on your safety.

  1. Living Quarters Are Small

As mentioned earlier, the cost of living in NYC is high. Moreover, the apartments are pretty small. So, make sure that you de clutter your stuff before you move to New York. You won’t have enough space to carry everything to your new apartment in New York. You must be mentally prepared for it to avoid the last moment’s surprise.

So, if you’re planning or have decided to move to New York, you must know these ten most important things.


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