Passive Job Search: This is How Companies Can Find You!


Are you actually happy in your job and haven’t thought about a change yet? Even if you are satisfied with your current employer, there is no need to shy away from making changes. It can make perfect sense to quit a job you love because you might find yourself in a much better position.

In addition, it is always possible that you suddenly lose your job. The best way to prepare for all scenarios is to passively search for a job. Therefore, in the following, we provide helpful tips for passive candidates and explain how you can be found by your dream job.

What is an active job search?

The active job search is carried out by applicants who actually need and are looking for a new job. These active candidates publish their applicant profiles on job boards or on social media and also apply to various companies for advertised positions.

In addition, active candidates try to find potential jobs through professional contacts, job fairs, friends and acquaintances, or the regional employment agency. In this way, they actively use all the options available to them to find a new job.

What is passive job search?

As already indicated, the passive job search is carried out when there is no acute desire or need for a new job. In this way, however, the openness towards a new position is given without active applications being made.

Passive job candidates are therefore open to new career opportunities and contact by companies. Should the current work situation change or an opportunity arise, passive candidates are prepared for anything and able to act quickly.

Employees who search passively often have employee profiles on online job exchanges or on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Passive job search: Courage for a new job

Even if you are currently happy in your job, you should not be afraid to change jobs in the event of the current situation. If one day you are unhappy with your job or lose your job out of the blue, it helps to be well prepared. New opportunities can only arise if you present yourself to other employers and companies with your applicant profile.

The passive job search is therefore the best prerequisite for sudden changes in relation to your employment relationship. Should the case arise and you need a new job, then it is easier with an appropriate online presence to switch to the active job search and to quickly find a suitable position. But how exactly can the passive job search best be implemented?

New job without application: 8 tips for the passive job search

It is not for nothing that they say that it is easier to find a new job when you already have one. According to information from employers, skilled workers who are already permanently employed are preferred as potential candidates for their own company.

The reason for this phenomenon seems quite simple: a worker who already has a job obviously has the necessary skills, competencies, and experience to be a qualified employee.

If you are brave and present yourself publicly as a possible job candidate without actively searching, unimagined career opportunities can arise. If you are wondering how it is possible not to search for yourself, but to let the dream job find you, then read our following eight tips for the passive job search.

1) Get Yourself Activated Online

You will find job advertisements from countless employers on online job exchanges. There are a few websites that offer employee profiles free of charge. This is exactly where you can start your passive job search because this is how you present yourself as a qualified worker to a large number of potential employers.

Internet sites such as LinkedIn and XING are popular places to go for passive searches for new career opportunities. Design your profile with detailed information about your professional education, experience, volunteering as well as your skills and competencies, certificates and professional visions. The profile is therefore nothing more than an online version of your résumé.

2) Set up profiles on social networks!

Job boards on the Internet are a good place to start when looking for a job passively. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of social networks in recruiting. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure a professional appearance on Facebook or Twitter. These tools offer perfect opportunities for proper self-marketing. When searching passively on social networks, keep the following points in mind:

  • Present yourself real and authentically!
  • Join relevant groups to mediate!
  • Look for professional photos!
  • Keep your profile as simple as possible!
  • Use your real and full name!
  • Reduce the number of your accounts on two platforms!

The better and more expressive your online presence, the higher the chance that employers will notice you and suggest you for a position in your company.

3) Create your Own Blog!

Having your own blog is a very good way to passively look for a job. By creating your own website, you not only draw attention to yourself, but you can also present topics that reflect your specialist knowledge and are important for your industry. However, creating the widest possible reach and being found by employers requires a lot of paperwork and regular maintenance of the blog.

4) Check out your current employer!

Since you are already permanently employed, you have the best prerequisites to look around for other positions at your current employer. Are there any opportunities to advance or to work in another department?

If this is the case and you have the necessary requirements and qualifications, simply apply for the position or let your boss know that you are interested.

It is also possible to demonstrate your manager’s desire for change or professional growth. If he values ​​you as an employee, he will do everything in his power to help you achieve your career goals.

5) Let your dream job guide you!

Every now and then, take a little time to reflect on your professional needs and ideas. Are you already working in your dream job or do you want to gain some new experience?

The passive job search also includes writing down any companies, places in the world, or occupational positions in which you would like to work. With these simple measures you may come a little closer to your dream job and in any case, you will become aware of what you still want to achieve in your life.

6) Keep your resume up to date!

If you still have an outdated résumé and it is circulating somewhere in the depths of the Internet, make sure you update or delete it. Also, make sure that you do not actively present yourself as a job seeker online, this seems a bit desperate for both current and potential employers – after all, you don’t want to address all, but especially high-quality companies.

Even if your résumé is just slumbering in a folder on your desktop, it’s worth keeping it up to date – just in case. The easiest way to do this is to update your résumé accordingly every time you change jobs or complete a new career path. Should a new opportunity arise, it can also be helpful if you already have a cover letter ready that shows your qualifications and motivation.

7) Prepare for an interview at any time!

In the passive job search, it can happen that a new opportunity suddenly opens up and you are invited to an interview for your dream job. For this reason, it is important that you always have a few days of vacation in reserve so that you can keep an appointment.

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It can be helpful to already have a suitable outfit in mind for an interview with the potential new employer. In such a case, in addition to your résumé and a cover letter, you should always have a list of your references on handsome employers who require such a document as part of the application process.

8) Activate Your Social Contacts!

Finally, social contacts play another crucial role in the passive job search. This includes the willingness to get to know new people and to consolidate existing private and professional contacts. Networking with colleagues and strangers at events, job fairs as well as seminars or training courses can be an effective way of finding a new job with vitamin B.

With our eight tips on passive job search, you can actually find your dream job – without an application. However, for maximum success, you should repeat the techniques listed here on a regular basis. Is your network growing on LinkedIn? Is your resume up to date? Do you have an overview of the current job market in your industry? With these and other questions you are well prepared to suddenly start actively looking for a job.

The active job search is only suitable for everyone who absolutely needs a new job. The latest recruiting methods have brought the passive job search into being, which is suitable for everyone who already has a job but is open to new career paths. With the necessary courage to change and our eight tips, you will be prepared for anything so that you will not miss the chance of your dream job.


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