PC Maintenance: 10 PC Care Tips


Technology is always on the move, but some computing wisdom never goes out of style.

Here are our top 10 timeless tips:

1) Regular maintenance

Have your computer regularly serviced by a specialist workshop. Maintenance is usually not expensive and extends the life of your computer considerably: Problems (if any) are recognized and you can react quickly before, for example, a complete loss of data or irreversible damage.

2) Batteries empty? Murphy’s Law:

The battery of your notebook, smartphone or tablet is always empty when you need your mobile device. Therefore, always have a second battery ready and use every opportunity to recharge.

3) Make backup copies

Always make a backup copy of your files and back them up again so that you always have two copies. You should store the backup (copy) on an external drive as well as on another medium (e.g. on cloud storage). It is also a good idea to make a system and data partition backup every day. You should also back up the system partition at least once every three months, including Windows and the installed programs.

4) Use USB sticks and drives

You will quickly lose track of the recovery CDs; a USB drive with recovery software is better. Keep this in a safe and easy-to-remember place. You can also keep both electronic and printed copies of all software license keys/product keys in the same place.

5) It doesn’t always have to be something new.

Often you don’t need the latest notebook or smartphone model on the market. A repair is usually much cheaper and in any case more environmentally friendly. Many devices can be repaired easily, quickly, and very cost-effectively. Do something for your wallet and the environment and ask for a repair first!

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6) Have your own PC put together for you

In some cases, it can be cheaper to have a PC put together individually by a specialist retailer than to buy a ready-made system. Not too much and not too little of anything. This is the only way to ensure that the configuration exactly matches your needs!

7) Regular cleaning can prevent damage

If you notice that your PC is making loud noises after a while, this may be due to the dirt on your device, for example. Even if the area around your PC or notebook is clean, the fans still draw in a lot of dust and fibers. This can mean that the fans can no longer run at their usual speed. The pollution can lead to overheating due to the reduced cooling and thus lead to a crash of the running system or even to “heat death” of the device.

8) Pay attention to the cost of consumables when buying

Save money by paying close attention to the cost and efficiency of consumables before purchasing a new one. These can make a device that seems very cheap to buy expensive in the long run. This is especially true for inkjet printers – here the ink is the main cost driver. With laser printers, you should again pay attention to the toner costs.

9) Keep your software up to date

Although the information window about the current version can be annoying, you should click on the “Update now” button. Important security patches are imported and your system is protected against software crashes and data loss.

10) Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Hours of typing and using the mouse can cause back pain, joint pain, and even cramps and carpal tunnel syndrome. To avoid this, it is advisable to use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

We will be happy to advise you in detail and, of course, free of charge on all questions relating to new purchases and repairs.


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