Places of the World That Don’t Feel Real


There are many unusual places on our planet that are breathtaking, and it is not easy to believe that this is an earthly landscape, and not computer graphics. There are many corners on each continent that will surprise even the most sophisticated tourist.

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What are the most unusual places you can visit on the Earth?

Coloured hills, China

The coloured rocks are formations in the Geological Park in Gansu Province. These formations represent a unique type of petrographic geomorphology and are composed of red sandstones and conglomerates from the Cretaceous. which are also home to a number of temples.

Tianzi Mountains, China

Everyone has seen scenes like this in movies like Avatar. Such mountains are characteristic of the fantasy style, where the action takes place on an uncharted distant planet. The main peak outshines the others and rises above sea level. Thanks to the appearance of the cable car, tourists can admire the fabulous landscape, and beautiful holiday destination without much effort. In addition, the Tianzi Mountains in China offer travellers about 100 natural viewing platforms. Pointed peaks, the base of which is almost always surrounded by dense fog, rise sharply upwards, creating a unique landscape.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

A magical and mysterious place that only the whimsical fantasy of nature could create. Antelope Canyon was formed during the natural process of erosion. Local sandstone is constantly exposed to wind and water.

These amazing crevices in the rocks got their name due to the reddish-red walls, which are so similar to the skin of an elegant and noble antelope.

If you go 12 kilometres to the west, you will find an amazing observation deck. The Colorado River is perfectly visible from there. Entry is free, but you should get there on your own.

Moraine Lake, Canada

Moraine Lake is a glacial lake in the Rocky Mountains of Canada that attracts thousands of tourists with its azure waters and stunning natural beauty. When the lake is completely full, its waters begin to sparkle with different shades of blue due to the refraction of light. This mesmerising effect is due to the sediments at the bottom of the lake.

Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)

A unique, eye-catching phenomenon of nature. It is a fairly large salt field, formed as a result of the lake’s drying. It is located near Lake Titicaca. The salt marsh looks most colourful and extraordinarily beautiful during periods of heavy rainfall. At this moment, a mirror coating is formed, and there is a feeling as if the surface of the earth is missing.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

The most beautiful national park in Brazil is located right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Without a doubt, it should be attributed to the most mysterious places on our planet. The territory of more than a thousand square metres is occupied by snow-white sand dunes tens of metres high, between which small lakes with turquoise water can be seen here and there.

Vatnajökull Glacier Caves, Iceland

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Europe, and is located on the territory of the national park of the same name in Iceland. This place boasts unique glacial landscapes with snow-covered valleys and gorges.

From a close distance, the glacier looks like an endless snow-covered field, and if you climb to its highest point, you can see the ocean expanses and mountain peaks in the depths of the island.


Vaadhoo Island is the place where the stars fell into the sea. An island that definitely deserves attention. An unusual place is known due to the phenomenon. When darkness falls, the waters of the Indian Ocean that bathe the island begin to glow with a bright blue colour. This glow is created by dinoflagellates. They are single-celled microorganisms that live in the water.

This list, of course, can be continued, because nature has created tens of thousands of places that are unique in their beauty. Life is not long enough to see absolutely all the beautiful corners on the planet. Learn to appreciate the beauty in small things, and the world will become more attractive!


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