5 Things to Know If You’re Planning a Trip to Kansas City This Spring


Thanks to its rich history, thriving arts scene, craft brewing culture, and excellent restaurants, Kansas City, Missouri is quickly becoming an exciting travel destination within the United States. Situated on the western edge of the state of Missouri, there is a lot to love about this beautiful city. Alongside the stand-out sights, top-notch museums, and delicious food and drink, Kansas City is also filled with effortless charm. Regardless of your preferences, this city will keep you easily hooked and enjoying its vibe throughout your stay.

If you are planning a trip to Kansas City this spring, here are five things you should know.

Get Outdoors

Kansas City is an outdoor paradise, featuring many green areas and parks located along the Missouri River. An evening stroll can be relaxing, and it will help you catch some fantastic views from the city’s parks, especially Weston Bend State Park. Weston Bend is a perfect place to sit down and relax or take your dog for a walk. It’s also an excellent destination for history buffs due to its location just a mile away from a campsite used by explorers Lewis and Clark.

Within Kansas City, you will also find Swope Park, a large grassy area situated right outside of the Nelson-Atkins Museum. The Maple Woods Natural Area, Hidden Valley Park, and Line Creek Trail are all great spots in North Kansas City to experience the outdoors. Line Creek Trail is more laid-back than the others and features a flat trail running parallel to the creek, making it ideal for a run or bike ride.

Drink Some Brews

Kansas City is one of the fastest-growing craft beer destinations in the United States, so make sure to stop by some of the unique local breweries and craft distilleries that brought the city to the forefront of the craft beer and spirits scene.

If high-quality, award-winning liquor and beer are what you have in mind, head to the Crossroads Art District. You will find some great breweries here, including the Border Brewing Company, City Barrel, and Torn Label Brewing Company. Each of these locations features a wide array of beer styles that are complex in flavor and perfect for amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

The Downtown Core and its surrounding neighborhoods also hold a handful of breweries. One option is BKS Artisan Ales, which serves everything from Belgian-inspired beers to English-style tastes. Another great stop is Strange Days Brewing Co, a home base for Kansas City’s most passionate soccer fans.

Other breweries in North Kansas City include Big Rip Brewing Company, Callsign Brewing, and Cinder Block Brewing Co.

Grab a Bite to Eat

Although it may not be listed among the world’s food capitals, Kansas City boasts some of the United States’ best barbecues. Barbecue is a spring/summer food, and the most beloved BBQ joints during these warmer months are Joe’s, Char Bar, Q39, Arthur Bryant’s, and Plowboys.

If your heart is set on international cuisine, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the River Market, a charming area by the Missouri River that’s known for its farmers’ markets and international cuisine. At the River Market, you’ll find everything from organic groceries to bubble tea cafés, as well as Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Brazilian eateries.

The Crossroads Art District, Westport district, Country Club Plaza, and Power and Light District are also home to some of the city’s tastiest and trendiest restaurants.

Cool Down Indoors

Kansas City has a marvelous selection of museums, and the Nelson-Adkins Museum Of Art is one of the best. The museum’s collection features some of the world’s most renowned artists—both classical and contemporary. From the Picasso exhibit to the calligraphy section, there’s plenty to see here. The Nelson-Adkins also boasts a massive green space, as well as a cute café.

If you are more interested in history, then the World War I Museum and Memorial is a must-see. The museum’s well-curated exhibits make it easy to learn about WWI from a chronological standpoint, and the Liberty Memorial offers a stunning view of Kansas City.

Located right across the street from the River Market, the Steamboat Arabia Museum is dedicated to a boat that sank nearby. Additionally, there’s the beautifully-designed Union Station and the Science City with its massive model train exhibition.

Relax After a Long Day

After a day of roaming and exploration, you’ll likely find yourself craving a comfortable place to rest. Fortunately, Kansas City has an excellent array of options when it comes to hotels and overnight stays. Some of the most popular hotels include Crossroads hotel, Hotel Indigo, and Honeycomb Hostel. There is also the affordable and conveniently-located Hyatt Place, situated outside of the city, to let you stay nearby in one of the best hotels in Lenexa, Kansas.

One Golden Tip for Visiting Kansas City

Kansas City is a desirable travel destination, and it will never fail to surprise you. Every corner of this city has something to offer, especially if you approach it with a willingness to explore and arrive with an open heart and an empty stomach.


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